Knives of SHOT Show Social Media Round-up part 2

I got behind on this particular rabbit-hole but there are a lot of SHOT Show social media, pictures, and videos to share so I am going to jump right in…

Kizer Cutlery:

Kizer has a bunch of new models, continuing their expansion into collaborations with established western designers.


New EDC tools too…



Ernest Emerson is sporting quite the beard these days…



Not much but a shot of Zac Brown and Tony Bose…



One of the thing I love about Joe is his love of world cultures. He explains the ethnographic roots of the various Condor knives he has designed in the video below.

When Joe says “you have me sitting down at a show”, it made me laugh. Anyone who knows Joe Flowers finds it amazing to see him sitting still anywhere .




Ethan Becker and Jesse Jarosz…what more is there to say?

But if you want to know about the knives…



TOPS also debuted the Hammer Hawk, as we mentioned the other day. But they have a bunch of new blades as well.

They have some cool limited run stuff to celebrate their 20th year in business as well…



ESEE has a bunch of photos on their Instagram feed, bringing a behind the scenes glimpse at what it looks like when you attend the show. Patrick Rollins, designer of the PR4 and Randall Adventure Training lead instructor, has become one of the faces of the company over the past couple of years.

From our buddy Tim Carpenter and EverydayTacticalVids…



More to come…


  1. Sam L. says:


  2. TheStoic says:

    So ESEE’s going all in on those scalloped scales that no one was too impressed with from your Beckerhead “community review” of the PR-4.

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Knives of SHOT Show Social Media Round-up part 2

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