LAPD in possession of knife found buried at OJ Simpson estate

An LAPD officer has been in possession of a folding knife that may be the murder weapon from the infamous Nicole Brown-Simpson/Ron Goldman case. OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murders in 1995, in a trial that captivated the world media. According to TMZ, a construction worker discovered the knife, possibly in 1998, and gave it to an off-duty LAPD officer.

From TMZ:

We’re told a construction worker found the knife years ago — we have heard several different stories, ranging from “several years ago” to 1998, when the house was demolished.

The weapon is a folding buck knife.

Our law enforcement sources say the construction worker took the knife to the street, where he saw an LAPD cop. He told the officer where he found the knife and the cop took it.

Turns out the cop — who worked in the traffic division — was off duty at the time, working security for a movie shoot at a house across the street on Rockingham. Our sources say the officer took the knife home and kept it … kept it for years.

In late January of this year, after the cop retired from the LAPD, he contacted a friend who worked in LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division (RHD). The cop told the friend about the knife and said he was getting it framed to put on his wall. He wanted his friend to get the DR (Departmental Record) number for the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case, which he planned on engraving in the frame.

We’re told the friend was indignant, and told his superiors. The brass was outraged and demanded that the retired cop turn the knife over, which he did.

Our sources say the knife is currently being tested for hair and fingerprints. It will be moved to the Serology Unit next week, where it will be tested for DNA and other biological evidence.

One source familiar with the investigation tells us, cops who eyeballed the knife think it could have blood residue on it, but it’s hard to know without testing because it’s extremely rusted and stained.

Granted, double-jeopardy would prevent the knife from being used against Simpson in another trial. However, the knife could hold exculpatory evidence that could clear Simpson’s name if he is innocent, or could finally provide the critical piece that could close the case by implicating Simpson. Because there was never a conviction, the case remains open.

Police officers withholding evidence? That’s un-possible.




  1. sagebrushracer says:

    and they don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves? Only highly qualified and trained police are responsible enough for that heavy burden…

    Ladies and Gentleman! The Establishment!

  2. samuraichatter says:

    How many people came through that house between 1995 and 1998? How many people could have had access to the knife since 1998? As a human being with an ounce of common sense I can tell you that the knife, even if it was involved in the crime(s), is useless as a form of proof. It is indeed possible to taint a piece evidence to the point where it is no good.

  3. Sam L. says:

    Since the policeman did not turn the knife over to the evidence department with a) his name, b)the name of who he got it from, and c)immediately, my unprofessional guess it that the knife is worthless as evidence.

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LAPD in possession of knife found buried at OJ Simpson estate

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