Leicestershire (U.K.) police participate in “Lives not Knives” campaign.


Leicestershire police with their “Knife Amnesty Bins”

Leicestershire, don’t ask me how to pronounce that, is a city in the UK of just over 600k people. Apparently there were over 900 incidents where a knife was used in the commission of a crime in 2015. But the Leicestershire police have the answer which has proven to work oh so well in the past – “Amnesty Bins”!

But wait there is more. In an effort to increase the effectiveness of these magic bins, they are using…wait for it…


The hashtag #livesnotknives is part of a nationwide UK knife-violence prevention month, which launched yesterday.

Because feel-goodery or something.

From the Leicestershire Police website:

A month-long amnesty has been launched today (Thursday 20 October) for those who carry knives on the streets of Leicester.

Amnesty bins have been installed in six police stations in and around the city where people can safely dispose of knives.

The initiative is part of a major campaign called #LivesNotKnives that was launched this week to combat knife crime.

The bins can be found at the following police stations: Mansfield House, Beaumont Leys, Braunstone, Spinney Hill, Keyham Lane, Hinckley Road.

Superintendent Kerry Smith said:

“The bins will be in place for four weeks and I would urge anyone who carries a knife in public to take it straight to one of these bins and get rid of it.

“While overall knife crime has remained pretty stable over the last few years, the number of people caught in possession of knives has recently increased, and that is not only unacceptable but will not be tolerated.

“Knives cost lives and can have a devastating consequence on all those involved, from the victim and their family to the perpetrator and their loved ones. Simply being caught in possession of a knife or bladed instrument in public can lead to a four year prison sentence.

“I would strongly advise those who think, for whatever reason, it is acceptable and necessary to carry a knife to take it straight to one of these bins and get rid of it.”

The #LivesNotKnives campaign coincides with a national week of action being undertaken by police forces up and down the country to tackle knife crime.

The campaign hopes to:

  • reduce the number of knife-related offences within the city
  • educate and inform young people regarding the dangers of carrying knives; and
  • target young people who are believed to be carrying knives and to bring them to justice.

Those planning to hand in their knives should ensure they are covered and placed in a bag or container before being taken to a participating police station.

Does anyone honestly think that someone carrying a knife with the intent to do harm is going to have a change of heart when seeing one of these things, go and find a bag or something to wrap up their knife, and then turn it in to a police station?

Frankly, anyone that dumb deserves whatever is coming to them – be they a perpetrator, or an official that thinks this will make a difference.


  1. Dannytejas says:

    I own over 30+ knives and they have been totally innocent of murder or slicing or whatever .

    1. Elcas says:

      Impossible knives kill people on their own!
      Well at least it’s what they seem to believe in the uk

  2. Sam L. says:

    Much like Danny’s, the only blood my knives have drawn is mine. I believe that city is pronounced “Lestersher”.

    1. cmeat says:

      pronounced “throat warbler mangrove.”

  3. Roy says:

    It’s pronounced “Lestershire”. I firmly believe one of the motivating factors in our seeking independence was the abolition of superfluous letters in spelling.

  4. Peter says:

    You are mocking a true crusade to eliminate a threat to the safety and well being of mankind. Shame. I’m wrapping my collection and mailing it to England. AND, don’t forget to vote for Hillary. What has this world come to.

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Leicestershire (U.K.) police participate in “Lives not Knives” campaign.

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