A look back at TTAK Thanksgivings Past…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. There is so much that I am thankful for, mostly of a family and personal nature. That said, I am also extremely thankful for the community we are building here at TTAK. I find myself thinking of individual commenters when I publish certain posts. I am thankful for my role as Editor and the compensation it provides, but it is the interactions with you all that truly keep me going. So thank you. I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thursday for those not in the States).

At any rate, I need to get back the the Thanksgiving Knife Porn Post that will actually be published prior to this one. I also have started pulling together the annual TTAK Black Friday Knife Deal thread, so please send any sweet deals you find to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com.

Since I already have 2 original posts in the works, I figured that there is nothing wrong with a look back at our Thanksgiving archives.


(2013) Editor Emeritus Chris Dumm had a couple of Thanskgiving posts in TTAK’s rookie year…

(2014): A pair of Questions of the Day, one regarding electric carving knives, the other asking about your weapon of choice for the big day.


(2015) I posted a couple of turkey carving videos from Food Network’s Alton Brown. One a time lapse and the other in real time with step by step explanation.


(2016) I had 3 posts, and since it was a Sunday, one of them was a straight up Funnies post.

My next post was a mix of humor and reality dealing with power tools to spatchcock and carve a turkey.

And finally, I once again asked about your implements of turkey destruction…


That’s a look back at TTAK Thanksgivings past. Thanks for reading, and have a safe and wonderful day.


  1. cmeat says:

    my siblings always joke about how the younger kids always like dark meat (that’s what was left…).
    brined a 22lb tom, 450 for 15, then 350 for 4hrs. no baste, stuffed with onion and orange.
    second year for my mr. berry chef knife to have its way with all that golden crispy yum.

    and now for three straight days of white bread, mayo and mustard sammys.

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A look back at TTAK Thanksgivings Past…

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