Make a homemade survival blade; Field and Stream DIY video

Although this homemade knife seems pretty simple to make with minimal tools I’m pretty sure you couldn’t call this a survival knife. I’ve never once wanted to bring a knife into the woods with me that was as flimsy as a piece of cardboard. However, this would definitely be a fun little Sunday project to do with a kid, or as a side project. A couple of hours of work and you get a useable, fun little knife that you can show to people and say you made.

What I imagine would make this knife even better (knife makers please correct me if I’m wrong) would be to heat up the hack saw blade in a homemade forge, reshape it into your image and go through the steps of heat treating it. I know files can be made into damn nice knives, so I imagine a hacksaw blade(or several) could be made into one as well. For example, the knife below is a file knife that was made for me by a part time knife maker in Nevada(@702knives on Instagram).


Has anyone made a homemade knife out of a hacksaw blade before?


  1. Peter says:

    Yep…. Dropped it while cutting hay-band. A cow stood on it and broke the blade.

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Make a homemade survival blade; Field and Stream DIY video

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