Man brings cane-sword to lightsaber fight…

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A man has landed a felony weapons charge after attempting to bring a sword-cane into a Star Wars premier. (photo from TMZ)

There is some buzz about a movie premier this week. Apparently rowdy crowds have mobbed theaters with several arrested for trespassing while trying to gain entrance to early screenings. In a more noteworthy case that falls in the scope of this blog, a 40 year old man was busted for trying to bring a 14″ blade concealed in a cane into the grand premier.

From TMZ:

“One guy was busted as he jumped over a crowd control barrier and yelled … “You’re going after the wrong droids!” Cops were not impressed with his display of ‘New Hope’ trivia — he got arrested for trespassing.

Another guy with fake credentials was also busted for trespassing, but the event’s most threatening arrest went to an inconspicuous 40-year-old man with a cane.

Law enforcement sources tell us the guy’s cane set off a metal detector. When cops took a closer look and pulled it apart, they found a 14-inch blade inside! He was booked for carrying a concealed weapon … a felony in any galaxy. “

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Man brings cane-sword to lightsaber fight…

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