Man sneaks into USC coed’s room with a knife; leaves bloody message on wall


While he wasn’t wearing a clown suit, a knife-wielding man faces trespassing charges for a bizarre incident that terrorized an apartment complex near the University of Southern California.


It was trespasser terror for a University of Southern California student as a knife-wielding man snuck into her secured building and apartment as she slept.

The study room on the fifth floor was in shambles after a man somehow got past security and into the West 27th Place apartments near Exposition Park early Tuesday morning.

The man wrote on the wall, likely using his own blood, and carved into the floor, possibly using a knife.

“Looking at it was straight out of a horror movie, and I felt so, so unsafe,” said building resident Rachel Meyers.

Meyers Snapchatted video after the incident, and you could still see a hole left in the wall.

She said the man somehow made his way down the halls and into an apartment where a girl was sleeping.

“He broke into an apartment residence on the third floor, took a kitchen knife and was screaming that people were trying to kill him,” Meyers added.

That girl called 911, and the suspect was eventually arrested by Los Angeles police officers.

Should have been a defensive gun use.


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Man sneaks into USC coed’s room with a knife; leaves bloody message on wall

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