Mass stabbing at Pittsburgh-area mental health facility; suspect shot


(photo via NBC Philadephia)

More news that has been lost in post-election coverage…SWAT Officers in the Pittsburgh-area were dispatched Friday to a mass stabbing situation at the Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health facility where a former resident attacked several patients and staff.

From CBS Pittsburgh:

Police say when they arrived on scene they went to the 5th floor and saw a man with a long knife and a handgun with a flashlight attached. It was later discovered that the weapon was a BB gun, but officials said they had no way of knowing that at the time.

Reports indicate several people, including 38-year-old suspect Dustin Johnson, were injured: five individuals were stabbed, one was pistol-whipped and the suspect was shot.

The stabbing victims include two residents and three employees. Four are expected to recover and one is in critical condition.

911 received several calls from stabbing victims and family members who believed they were in danger of losing too much blood, according to Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough.

When Johnson, later identified as former facility patient, continued to brandish the handgun, SWAT shot him several times. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery.

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Mass stabbing at Pittsburgh-area mental health facility; suspect shot

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