Mayor Rahmbo’s knife-skills suck


Chef Rick Bayless says Rahm Emmanuel is no good with a knife

There are plenty of dangerous locations in the Windy City. Inside the City Club is not normally one of them. However, Chef Rick Bayless (author of the bible of Mexican cooking) recently had some colorful exchanges with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel – the man who in 1992 reportedly:

repeatedly stab(bed) a restaurant table with a steak knife as he declared each of Bill Clinton’s vanquished political rivals “dead!”

When Bayless began to tease the mayor, (who once sliced off the end of his finger on an Arby’s meat slicer) about his lack of kitchen skills, things got interesting.

Emanuel can “cook hardly at all, so I was razzing him about his techniques and all of that.”

“I’d give him just one simple thing and he couldn’t get it done — he was just chopping some stuff — and so when I started razzing him about that, he razzed me right back.

“And he started razzing me about ‘Maybe there were some code violations’ at some of my restaurants and maybe I’d want to get in touch with some of my staff right away.”

While Chef Bayless “described the event as a ‘really good time'” remember, his political compatriot BO joked about auditing his political enemies in 2009. Bayless has some great restaurants, it would be a shame if something happened to them.

As an aside, I am a big fan of Chef Bayless. I used his salsa verde and tamale dough recipes this weekend. Unlike Rahmbo I am quite comfortable in the kitchen, and the tamales were delicious.


Smells like cultural appropriation


Kitchen skills…


  1. Sam L. says:

    Smells like cultural appropriation! A most appropriate comment.

  2. cmeat says:

    it always smells like cultural appropriation soon after my morning machaca. which is about eight bucks unless you order ir at topolobompo, then it’s french restaurant pricing with tiny portions to match.
    bayless and 9 1/2 fingered tiny dancer deserve each other. only a weasel would make a threat like that.
    looks like someone made masa from scratch. that’s alot of work.

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Mayor Rahmbo’s knife-skills suck

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