Mini-knife Mini-review: T.M. Hunt “Leaveit” cleaver

Will Woods dubbed this year’s BLADE Show “The Year of the Micro-blade“. T.M. Hunt Custom Knives was actually ahead of the curve because the “Leaveit” cleaver and its cousin the “Lil Billy Bad Axe” were released last year. I recently purchased a Leavit on a whim when Todd announced that a run had been completed. I wanted to support a maker whom we are fond of, and to thank him for his contributions to the website. Todd has written 2 pieces so far with the hope of more on the way. He also was among the first makers to contribute a 5 from the Grinder post.

The Leavieit is a 3.5″ OAL full tang mini-cleaver made from O1 steel. It has just shy of 1 3/4″ of cutting edge. The G10 scales provide a 2 finger grip.

When in use, one’s thumb rests comfortably on the front of the spine.

While this provides a reasonably firm grip, one would get a better grip from the “Lil Billy” axe’s 3 finger handle, which comes at the expense of cutting surface.

That is why David chose the axe.

The kydex sheath snaps on firmly enough that I would be confident carrying it on a keyring, or in a pocket or purse.

Cutting Performance:

The Leaveit came incredibly sharp, and had no problem with slicing tasks. Here is a sampling:

I was out of rope. I need to pick some up, but used a t-shirt in its place. Lets face it, this isn’t going to be an amazing rope slicer. More of an adequate tool in a pinch.

The Leaveit makes a solid fuzz-stick, and while the spine is too rounded to scrape a fero-rod, the clipped off front portion will.

The Leaveit did a surprisingly good job on produce. While it is never going to be a food prep knife, it did a more than adequate job on an apple.

Peeling was no problem, and the slices were actually sliced, not wedged.

It even did a better than average job with a cherry tomato.


I doubt I will do a longer-term review on the Leavit. If nothing else because my wife has already laid claim to it and has it in her purse. She likes the kitschy aesthetic, and hasn’t been enamored with any other knife I suggest she carry.

My impression from the couple of days I have played with it is that the Leaveit is a legitimate knife. It’s funky ergonomics ensure it will never be the perfect choice of tool for most situations, but it is more than functional. I can see my wife using it to trim “box tops” from food packaging, opening mail, and most other light duty EDC tasks.

I am not in a position to buy one of Todd’s larger blades right now, but the Leaveit has every bit the fit and finish of any of Todd’s lineup. Buying it was a way to own a T.M. Hunt knife of my own sooner rather than later. I am not disappointed with my purchase and I look forward to when I can buy one of Todd’s more traditional offerings.



  1. Sam L. says:

    It’s cute!

  2. Cadeyrn says:

    Awesome! For some reason it reminds me of one of the funniest things I ever heard in a knife-making class: one of my colleagues intended to make a “cheese-kukri” to be sure his cheese was sliced with the ferocity and precision of a Ghurka. I’m really not sure why that still cracks me up, but a cheese-cleaver is right up there with it.

  3. For the record, the Leavit the Cleaver debuted last year at Blade ’16, but the LBBA has been available for a while before then.

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Mini-knife Mini-review: T.M. Hunt “Leaveit” cleaver

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