Minuteman extends pre-order window for Southern Grind Spider Monkey (and responds to our Adjutant review)

Minuteman Edition Southern Grind Spider Monkey

The Minuteman Watch Company has extended the pre-order window for their second knife release  – their special edition Spider Monkey in partnership with Zac Brown’s Southern Grind. They have also announced that they are dropping the price to $230, moved up the delivery date, and have increased the amount of their donation to the Red Circle Foundation with each knife purchased.

They also gave a brief response to my review of the Adjutant – their first knife release in partnership with Gingrich Tactical Innovations. Read on for more.

From Minuteman Watch Company:

Minuteman has teamed up with Zac Brown’s Southern Grind to raise funds for the Red Circle Foundation charity. Minuteman will donate $30 for each knife we sell to the Red Circle Foundation charity.

Minuteman has teamed up with Zac Brown’s Southern Grind to offer you this high quality American made knife.

This knife is a special version of Southern Grinds popular Spider Monkey. Our version features tan G10 handle scales and handy nylon fob to assist in removing the knife from your pocket. The knife has our Minuteman logo along with the usual Southern Grind markings.

We plan to make just one batch of these knives and we are pre selling these until June 6th. We will make just one batch and the amount will be based on the orders that are placed during the pre sale. Despite the fact this is a special version with paracord fob, tan G10 scales and we are donating to the charity. We want to point out this is the same price dealers are selling the standard version Spider Monkey with black blade and fittings.

It is a great looking knife, with a proven track record. Personally, I am quite fond of cross-branded knives, and am a fan of both Minuteman Company and Southern Grind. Given the parity of price between the Minuteman edition and standard Spider Monkey, unless one is sold on carbon-fiber scales, this seems like a great opportunity to get a great knife – and do a little good in the process.

Minuteman responds to my review of the Adjutant:

As I mentioned, I was a bit apprehensive as to how my review would be received. While I applauded the strength and construction of the Adjutant, I felt the cutting performance was sufficiently mixed as to fall short of our highest endorsement. In the end though I need to be honest, because I can think of nothing worse than a reader feeling misled by my review after parting with their hard-earned money.

I was relieved to hear that both Minuteman and Justin Gingrich – maker of the Adjutant, were appreciative of my review and feedback.

It turns out that the Adjutant which I received for testing was about the 5th one produced. According to Minuteman, they have been adjusting the grind to improve the slicing performance, and will continue to make changes and improvements to the knife over time. They have added additional scale materials as I mentioned, and “have pulled the primary and secondary grinds back to make it a better slicer while still keeping the strength in the blade.” 

I contacted Justin Gingrich via Facebook and he had this to say:

I appreciate the objective review. The only way to get better or make improvements is to get real feedback. So I do appreciate it.

I am happy that both Minuteman and Justin took my review in the spirit in which it was intended – an honest, objective, and thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the knife – not an unfair hit-piece or trashing of it.

I hope to have the chance to work with both Minuteman and Gingrich Tactical Innovations in the future.


  1. Sam L. says:

    That’s encouraging.

    1. Go back and look at the comments on the review. Minuteman’ president responded there even more thoroughly than in our email correspondence.

  2. DDD says:

    The problem with the pricing is getting a handle material that usually costs less than CF.

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Minuteman extends pre-order window for Southern Grind Spider Monkey (and responds to our Adjutant review)

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