M&M’s to Knife Rights: FOAD?


“Hey KnifeRights.org…talk to the hand”. (image from YouTube)

I am a big fan of M&M’s, especially the peanut butter ones. Apparently the folks at Mars Inc. are not big fans of KnifeRights.org. The country’s preeminent advocate for the repeal of “pointless” knife carry restrictions recently placed an order for promotional M&M’s screened with their logo. Four days later, they were contacted and told that the word “knife” in their logo violated Mars Inc.’s “family friendly” policy for custom orders.

From KnifeRights.org:

We asked for a confirmation in writing of what he had told us, but when that was not forthcoming, we sent an email to him confirming the conversation we had and asking the company to correct anything that wasn’t factually correct. Shortly thereafter, Christian’s supervisor, Kathy, called. We had a similar conversation with her, to no avail, and again asked that they confirm that they were rejecting the order for the reasons both Christian and she provided, that “knife” was not “family friendly.” Instead we received a totally disingenuous email:

“Thank you for your email and allowing us to respond to your concern.

We would like to confirm that we have received and processed your request to cancel your order.  We are sorry to hear that you are cancelling your order and hope to have an opportunity to make your next event more special with personalized MY M&M’S® Chocolate Candies”.

   To which we replied:   

  Thanks for this, but your email falsely states that this order is being cancelled at my request.  Please note that I do NOT wish for the order to be cancelled — it was your company decision to cancel the order because you object to the name and mission of our civil rights organization.  I have had several phone calls with representatives of your company trying to save this order.  Your cancellation notice falsely stating that the order was cancelled at my request only adds insult to injury, and is outrageous.

 With that email they went from simply making what we view as a poor business decision by irrationally discriminating against Knife Rights, America’s knife owners and our many Second Amendment supporters, and moved on to falsely describing the entire transaction in a outrageous attempt to avoid responsibility for their actions. Knife Rights did not cancel the order; M&M’s did. “

While they are not calling for a boycott, KnifeRights articulates a scenario where chocolatey goodness would be conspicuously absent from Halloween baskets:

“Come Halloween this year our family will carve our pumpkins using several different knives, but instead of giving the children who come to our front door M&M’s, Snickers and Milky Ways, as we have for many years, they will be given a treat that will not bear the Mars, Inc. brand. “

If you would like to contact Mars Inc. yourself, you can call  1-908-852-1000 (M-F 9-5), or use their web-based form here.

I will be doing so on behalf of TTAK, and will let you know hat, if anything, I hear back. Likely boilerplate about not discussing details of private orders.




  1. Alex says:

    Mars’ definition of “family friendly” is certainly distorted. I tried to order some custom M&M’s for my girlfriend on valentines day and was surprised to learn that my affectionate nickname for her of “babe” is not “family friendly”. That’s when I decided to not purchase a $20 bag of candy. That said, not admitting their own fault in writing is pretty annoying on Mars’ part.

  2. Jason says:

    What gives? Surely if a cake shop can be made to bake a cake for a couple they don’t approve of, a sweet company can be made to make M&Ms for a group they don’t approve of.

    1. tolerance, its for the children.

    2. Roger says:

      There’s somewhat of a difference here. Firstly nobody is forcing anyone to bake cakes for people they don’t approve of. That’s bullshit someone told the news agencies. What you’re referring to is a law that says cake shops can’t refuse service after agreeing to provide said service and must provide a refund if they can not preform such service. IE If you order a cake and pay for it, they can not call you the next day and tell you that they won’t do it and you’re not getting your money back.

      Secondly, why was knife rights getting custom MMs made? I don’t donate so they can gnaw down chocolates.

  3. billdeserthills says:

    Well You have it easy, Reese’s Pieces may be able to help You out!

  4. Pat Carver says:

    I wrote a comment to M&Ms website. Here is the reply.

    Dear Consumer,

    Thank you for your email.

    MY M&M’s® made the decision to not print the customized order because it contained the word “knife,” which is not in keeping with the fun, celebratory nature of our brand.


    Your friends at MY M&M’S® Chocolate Candies

    As a supporter of Knife Rights, the largest supporter of my civil right to own and use edged tools, I am disappointed in your decision to refuse their order for custom MMs because you feel the work knife is not family friendly. I regularly have purchased 3Musketeers, MMs and Dove chocolates. I understand that you have a right to do this as a private company. Please understand that your choice has forced me to exercise my right not to purchase your products. I will miss my weekly 3Musketeers bar particularly. Thank you for your time.

  5. knightofbob says:

    Other Mars products.

    Meanwhile, if my camera’s charger turns up in the next few days, I have an idea for a picture involving a Ka-Bar, a GLOCK, and a bowl of Reese’s Pieces.

  6. Rifleman says:

    We should note that the older logo for 3 Muketeers bars featured swords. (The newer logo does not.) Nonetheless a “musketeers” was one who carried a musket, a firearm.
    Kinda hypocritical on Mars part.

  7. JoshtheViking says:

    I was going to be cutting back on sweets anyway.

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M&M’s to Knife Rights: FOAD?

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