More Fall options from TOPS Knives

When TOPS released the Lioness knife – a smaller handled knife being marketed towards the female knife enthusiast, one color option had a bright pink Cerakote. They received a lot of feedback that their customers would prefer more subtle color options on what was an otherwise well received knife. They have responded with the new Lioness Elite, which features a toned-down “Wild Purple” Cerakote. It also comes with a black kydex, as opposed to the original leather sheath.

From TOPS:

The contour of the cutting blade, combined with finger tread, enables both small and delicate chores to be completed with relative ease. Sleek handle ergonomics make long activities much easier to complete. The Lioness Elite includes a black Kydex sheath with a rotatable clip that makes vertical or horizontal carry easily possible depending on the situation. The dark purple color showcases the strength of the Lioness Elite.


TOPS Lioness, Rockies Edition

For those who prefer a more traditional look, they are also releasing a Rockies Edition, which escews the colored Cerakote for a tumbled finish and swaps out the G10 scales for Micarta.

The Lioness Rockies Edition is designed for women who don’t need a knife to look girly, that will also find its way into the hands of many men who will be proud to carry her. It includes a tan Kydex sheath with a rotatable clip that makes vertical or horizontal carry easily possible depending on the situation. The tumble finish and tan canvas Micarta handles make this model perfect for the outdoorswoman or outdoorsman.

Both versions are currently available from TOPS’ website for $125 at the time of this writing, $30 off retail.


There is also a new option for the popular MSK (Mini Scandi Knife) 2.5 neck-knife. The Rockies Edition MSK 2.5 features the same tumbled finish, Micarta scales, and tan Kydex sheath as the Lioness above.

The Mini Scandi Knife has resonated well with thousands of outdoorsmen, survivalists, and bushcrafters because of its intuitive and useful design. Everything about it is great. The MSK Rockies Edition ditches the powder coat for a tumble finish with clear Cerakote for rust prevention, green canvas Micarta handles, and a tan Kydex sheath. Still the same great neck knife, now with yet another option.

Originally designed from the Finnish Sami knife, used by the Laplanders for all their hunting and bushcraft tasks, Scandi grind knives have traditionally been flat ground, single or double sided, with a “zero-ground” edge.The Mini Scandi was a result of the very popular, original Brothers of Bushcraft (BROS-01) knife. It occurred to Leo Espinoza, who designed the Mini Scandi, that a good idea is still a good idea in a smaller package. It offers all the advantages of a modified Scandi grind in a neck/small sheath knife that can also fit in your pocket or pack.

The Mini Scandi Knife is not only our most popular neck knife, it’s one of our most popular overall knives. This level of popularity brought many requests for different choices. With the addition of this MSK Rockies Edition, we have 5 different options, which will fit anyone’s style. Not only will it perform perfectly, it will look impressive doing so.

The MSK 2.5 Rockies Edition is also available directly from TOPS for only $85 which is $20 off retail.

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More Fall options from TOPS Knives

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