Moroccan teen admits to Finland stabbing; had been denied asylum

The perp is arraigned via video from his hospital bed.

I have one question, and one question only: WTH was the perp still free to roam the streets having had his initial asylum request denied. Frankly, I don’t understand letting said individual roam free while their initial request is pending. But one would imagine pissing off someone who was already deemed not worthy of entering your society is not likely to end well.


A teenage Moroccan asylum seeker who admitted on Tuesday that he had killed two women and injured eight other people in a knife attack in the Finnish town of Turku had had his application for asylum rejected before the attack, authorities said.

But though he confessed to the killings in a closed-door court hearing, 18-year-old Abderrahman Mechkah did not admit any terrorist motive, lawyer Kaarle Gummerus said.

“(My client) admits manslaughter and injuries … But what the investigator has brought up this far may not be enough to classify this as a terrorist crime,” Gummerus told Reuters.

Mechkah, who had been living in a Red Cross immigrant reception centre in Turku since coming to Finland in spring 2016, had been appealing against the result of his asylum application at the time of the knife attack last Friday.

“He has received the result of his asylum application and he has appealed it. He is still in the (asylum) process,” said a spokeswoman from the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation.

Though she would not say directly what the initial outcome of his application had been, the spokeswoman’s form of words indicated it had not been successful.

Applications for asylum of at least two of three other suspects who had been arrested were also being processed, the Red Cross said.

The drama of the attack on the main market place of the coastal city with the apparent involvement of asylum-seekers in Finland’s first suspected terrorism related incident has led to a rethink by the government to tighten up asylum procedure.

You are closing the barn door once the reindeer has escaped. Or after the camel has entered or something.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I suspect the Finns will learn from this.

    1. cmeat says:

      yes, they will all be morrfinn soon.

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Moroccan teen admits to Finland stabbing; had been denied asylum

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