Moscow Jihad-Decapitation Nanny did not act alone

In case you missed it, an Uzbek nanny was arrested after parading around outside a Moscow subway with the severed head of the 4 year-old girl who was charged to her care. While some witnesses claim she was shouting “Allah Ackbar”, the woman has a history of mental issues. Prosecutors believe that she was incited to kill by unknown others.

From ABCNews:

The 38-year-old woman was spotted outside a Moscow subway station on Monday brandishing the child’s head — a horrific scene that was not covered on Russian state television.

Before a Moscow court approved Gulchekhra Bobokulova’s arrest for two months, prosecutors told the court they believe there are individuals who “incited” her to carry out the slaying and they are still at large. The suspect is expected to be charged with murder later this week.

Investigators, however, said earlier that the suspect, who is married, appeared to be mentally unstable.

The motive for the slaying is not known. Bobokulova was the child’s nanny, and the child’s parents are a middle-class couple, seemingly without government connections or influence.

The nanny’s religion was not known but she wore a head covering and some witnesses said she shouted “Allahu akbar!” while waving the bloody head. In videos posted on Russian news websites, she was heard shouting “I am a terrorist!” in Russian.

When asked by a reporter outside the courtroom Wednesday why she killed the child, Bobokulova, who did not wear headscarf this time, replied “Allah ordered” as she walked by.

She sounds pretty lucid to me. I trust that the Russians will get to the bottom of this. They don’t operate under the same constraints that Western law-enforcement does.


  1. PeterK says:


    That is sad. And terrifying.

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Moscow Jihad-Decapitation Nanny did not act alone

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