My Nordsmith Canteen Knife arrived today…

It is 11:25pm and I am realizing that despite my best efforts, I am not going to be able to finish my Chimera review tonight. I hate missing a deadline, even if it was self-imposed. It is on its way, I promise.

I would like to blame it on David Andersen, my Assistant Editor. My Canteen Knife, the first release from Nordsmith Knives – David’s fledgling knife company, arrived this afternoon. I had to play with it a bit. However, I wasn’t going to be able to finish my review even if I hadn’t been playing with my new toy. So it is all on me.


Putting the kitchen in camp-knife

Immediately after opening my new knife and uploading the obligatory photo to our Instagram account (@knifetruth), I grabbed an apple and tried it out. The balance is completely centered, giving the knife a very light and nimble feel despite its relative heft. The high-saber grind peeled and sliced with an efficiency rivaling the knives in my kitchen block, though I am fairly certain it will process wood better than a Wusthof.

David wrote at length about the design and manufacturing process, which I suggest checking out if you missed. In a nutshell, the knife is David’s brainchild – representing his ideal mix of a do-it-all camping knife with enough culinary chops that you could leave your kitchen knives at home when heading to the field. What started as an idea and a modified Old Hickory has been further refined with input from the likes of LT Wright and Ethan Becker, through prototyping, tweaking, and finally manufacture in LT’s shop under the Nordsmith label. Read David’s piece, I don’t do it justice.


Pressing the blade to the phonebook resulted in a cascade of confetti.

I bought this knife with my own funds at the same pre-sale price as the public. Not only did I buy the knife because the idea intrigued me and the prototype impressed me, but because this knife is the culmination of a friend’s dream and I wanted to support that effort. So I am naturally biased.

Thus I want to involve you all in the review process. It will be the Spring before I can take the knife out guiding, but there is plenty I am wanting to do with it between now and then. Aside from the typical TTAK tests, what do you want to see me do with the Nordsmith Canteen Knife? Together, we are going to test this knife so thoroughly that the results will speak for themselves.


  1. Thanks Clay, looks like you area already having fun with it!

    I for one am looking forward to seeing how it does on your guiding trips. I’d like to see some butchery in addition to the usual bevy of camping and woodworking chores.

  2. Robert H says:

    Looks very functional for a diverse set of tasks. I think batoning larger wood might be tough as it might be hard to pound near the tip with the right angle. Good work on putting a choll notch in there to ease sharpening all the way to the base. Always a fan of scallops on the handle. I think the pommel is a nice touch to add security when chopping.

  3. cmeat says:

    it looks well suited to draw knife duty.
    I would like you to process an entire squirrel burgoo for the dutch oven and then build the fire for slow cooking.
    or maybe a pineapple and some saplings.

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My Nordsmith Canteen Knife arrived today…

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