New details emerge in Buckingham Palace knife attack

We mentioned an incident outside Buckingham Palace last week in our coverage of the jihadi attack in Finland. We didn’t go into a lot of detail on the London incident, as much as anything because not much was available at the time. Now that details are becoming more clear, including the fact that the perp was wielding a 4 foot sword, it seems worthy of further mention.

From Sun UK:

A 26-year-old man deliberately drove at a police van outside Buckingham Palace and repeatedly yelled Allahu Akbar while reaching for a 4ft sword.

Three unarmed cops were injured as they incapacitated the attacker with CS spray outside the royal residence on The Mall yesterday evening.

A 26-year-old man from Luton has been arrested under the terrorism act following the rampage at the palace.

Police have said the attacker in a blue Toyota Prius “reached for a 4ft sword” in front of terrified tourists as three heroic unarmed cops rushed to tackle him.

At least six ambulances and police cars were seen rushing towards the London landmark  as dozens of uniformed police pushed back tourists just after 8.30pm.

Two of the officers were taken by ambulance to hospital with minor cuts and discharged a short time later. The third officer did not require hospital treatment.

Police blocked off all entrances to the palace, which was not occupied by The Queen, who is in Scotland, last night.

Witness Emma Bell, 28, said of the terrorist: “There was blood all over his face and his shirt. I don’t know if the blood was his or from the police. I was scared.

The cops were “armed” with pepper spray. Shameful. I think the Bobbies ought to come down with the “blue flu” until such time they are allowed to carry firearms. Not just for their own protection, but for the public’s as well.



  1. cmeat says:

    these would be wonderful opportunities for caliber effectiveness research.

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New details emerge in Buckingham Palace knife attack

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