New from Bear and Sons Cutlery: Remington 870 Upland Knife


The Remington 870 Upland Knife is the latest in Bear and Sons knife made under license from Big Green.

Bear and Sons Cutlery is a family-owned knife company in Jacksonville, Alabama. We last featured them when they were the subject of a really well-produced video on American manufacturing. They have just announced a new birding knife in conjunction with Remington and is their latest in the 870 Series of knives.


The Remington 870 Knife Series is specifically crafted for hunters. It is derived from the all-popular 870 shotgun and incorporates the actual stock of the Remington Wingmaster® shotgun.

The 2-7/8” blade is constructed of 440A stainless steel that holds a sharp edge longer than traditional steel blades, resulting in the quality and durability hunters desire. The knife features a choke tube adjustment tool for either a 12 or 20-gauge shotgun that provides quick changes in the field without carrying additional tools.

The gut hook can be utilized to immediately field clean quickly and efficiently by removing entrails from the bird in the field to prevent spoilage.





  • · 2-7/8” blade
  • · 440A stainless steel
  • · Choke tube adjustment tool (12 & 20 gauge)
  • · Gut hook
  • · Closed: 3-7/8”
  • · Open: 6-3/4”

This looks to be a pretty nice, if relatively task-specific knife. The knife is smaller, and the clip point is not as extreme as a Buck 110 – my dove-breasting knife, but the blade and tools look pretty functional.

I don’t know the MSRP, but the 870 Stockman version is available for $33.95 from Knifecenter, and the which should be in the same ballpark. Not a bad price for a 440A American-made folder.

While gun/knife company collaborations have a mixed record, Bear and Sons have a solid reputation. I hope to have a look at their products at this year’s Blade Show.


  1. sagebrushracer says:

    That looks like a very nice knife. Except for the Remington part…

    As JWM said over on TTAG, Remington would have to show up with a stretch limo full of hookers and blow before considering them again.

    Their sins of the past run deep, 700 trigger recall, R 51, turning the 870 into crap…. Those are only the top 3 that come to mind…

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New from Bear and Sons Cutlery: Remington 870 Upland Knife

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