New from Benchmade: Mid-Year Knife Releases


Benchmade has come to Blade with a bunch of cool new tools/toys.

I spent day 1 of the Blade Show following the advice of both TTAK writer Nathan and reader Terry W. and didn’t spend a lot of time looking at the Big Boys’ wares. I mostly sought out makers sitting alone who had good looking knives in front of them and sat down to speak with them. I haven’t even been to the Benchmade booth yet. It is booth#1 as you come in and it was crazy packed with people. I definitely will try to lay my hands on as many of these new blades as I can on Saturday though.


The biggest development for Benchmade is their new multi-stage refinement to the venerable Axis-lock. This year marks the  15 year anniversary for the traditional Axis-lock, and the new system will serve as a safety mechanism on many of their automatics.

For the complete Benchmark press release, CLICK HERE.

It has been a crazy day here at Blade 2014. I have learned a bunch (including a sit-down mini-interview with a competitive knife thrower), handled a ton of knives ranging from the mundane to works of art, and met some really interesting folks. I will be attending a semi-private CRKT event in the morning, and I will definitely be posting about how that goes.

Otherwise, please keep letting me know what you would like to see.


  1. Derrick says:

    Please do come by the booth! I’ll be glad to walk you through the new product!

    1. Thanks Derrick! I will look for you mid-morning.

      I am particularly interested in the Steep Country. Looks like it would be an excellent bushcraft knife.

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New from Benchmade: Mid-Year Knife Releases

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