New from Boker Plus: The Hitman by Jim Burke

Boker Plus Hitman -Titanium version

Boker Plus is the Asian-import division of the legendary Böker company of Solingen, Germany. I purchased my first Böker Plus knife, a Taiwanese-made Kalashnikov 74 Auto this past Cyber Monday from Blade HQ. I could not love it more, especially for the $29.99 sale price. I actually bought 2, keeping the reverse tanto for myself and giving the dagger-blade one to the owner of my Krav Maga studio as a gift. I plan on writing a review of mine in the coming weeks.

Böker has just released a new addition to the Plus line, a Jim Burke-designed VG-10 flipper they are calling the Hitman. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a dedicated fighting-knife, rather looks to be a solid choice in an EDC blade.

Boker Press release below the jump:

G-10 scaled Boker Plus Hitman


Boker Plus Hitman

Lakewood, Colorado (April 12, 2017) – Boker USA is proud to introduce the Boker Plus Hitman by Jim Burke

The functionality of Jim Burke’s designs can be seen in the new “Hitman” model. Despite – or due to – its straight lines, this frame lock folding knife is highly ergonomic and extremely versatile. The bearing-mounted blade, crafted of VG-10 steel, can be opened with the flipper or thumb hole.

Available in two versions: The “Titan” model features a titanium handle scale and frame lock, and weighs in at 5.1 oz., while the “G-10” model features a G-10 scale and steel frame lock, and weighs in at 5.6 oz.

Includes reversible pocket clip (tip-up/tip-down). Blade length: 3⅝”. Thickness: 3.8mm. Overall length: 8½”.

Titanium model:

Item No. 01BO775

MSRP: $ 249.00

G-10 model:

Item No. 01BO776

MSRP: $ 119.95
The Boker Plus Hitman is available for purchase through Boker USA, Inc.

(303) 462-0662




  1. Sam L. says:

    I don’t believe I want to carry a knife named Hitman.

    1. I agree. It is already hard to sell defensive knife use to a jury. Sort of like using Zombie Killer bullets.

      1. D.P. Farley says:

        I agree, it’s not a great name.

  2. NavyRetGold says:

    Agreed its a stupid name for a knife, but the knife itself is spot on for a defensive EDC. I would carry this any day. Clean lines and highly functional blade profile, good blade steel, frame lock with over-travel preventer, G10 scale (or even titanium!), 3.6″ blade length, bearing pivot… what’s not to like? The only shortcoming I could see was the lack of a hardened steel locking insert on the frame lock. I went looking for one to buy, and the best deal I could find was a D2 steel version for $90 on Worth the asking price if you need a nice defensive EDC. Kudos on your purchase of the Kalashnikov 74. I’m looking forward to your in depth review.

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New from Boker Plus: The Hitman by Jim Burke

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