New From Emerson: Jungle-Green CQC-7

Image courtesy Emerson KnivesEmerson’s CQC-7 has been in production a long time, but these brute-force folders have never caught on as popular EDC knives in the way that Spydercos or Benchmades have. If you’re looking for a stabbing/thrusting knife, however (and not a box cutter, letter-opener or cheese-slicer) it might be just what you need.

After almost 20 years in production, Emerson is making them with these jungle-green G10 scales. Considering those who have carried the CQC-7 and what they used it for, I’m amazed it’s taken Emerson this long.

One of the main drawbacks of most Emerson knives is their signature single-sided ‘chisel’ grinds. I’m not a big fan of chisel grinds (except on actual chisels) because sharpening them is awkward, and making a straight cut with them is damn-near impossible.

That said, these are impressive knives with 3.3″ 154CM blades, G10 scales and titanium liner locks. And the patented Emerson Wave opening hook is so brilliant I wish more knifemakers would license it from them.

Street price for other CQC-7s can run as low as $140, but these new green models are still running near full MSRP of $213.

Manufacturer’s link here.


  1. Nathan says:

    I recently got an Emerson Horseman and love it. Great knife, but I’m having trouble warming up to the chisel grind and might reprofile it

  2. Adam says:

    I might just be showing my blade ignorance, but is there a difference in chisel grind and tanto?

    1. Nathan says:

      A chisel grind means that they only grind one bevel, rather than two like on most knives. A Tanto refers to the the tip. In the example here you can see how there is an abrupt transition. Basically chisel refers to the edge while tanto is talking about the overall shape of the blade

  3. duroSIG556R says:

    I love the new jungle series. I really want the CQC 8 jungle version, but at $245 dollars, I just can’t justify it. I own knives that have cost more then that, but really can’t justify it for the CQC8. Granted I’ve almost pulled the trigger several times, I haven’t. But man do I want one. If only the cost wasn’t so inflated.

  4. Derek says:

    “…these new green models are still running near full MSRP of $213.”


    3.3″ of 154cm steel, chisel grind bevel, liner lock, G10 scales… what exactly is making this cost 2 bills? The “Emerson Wave”? Am I missing something?

  5. Highvoltage says:

    There’s nothing complicated about sharpening an Emerson chisel grind….it’s actually easier than sharpening a v-ground edge. You just sharpen the beveled side until you raise a burr on the opposite side, then lightly use your stone to take that burr off. A quick strop on some cardboard and you’re done.

    Emerson production chisel grinds have two bevels, the edge(the edge you actually sharpen) and the narrower, wider secondary bevel. His handmade/custom chisel grinds have a single bevel, and are zero ground. Even the Emerson v-grind is a chisel of sorts, as only one side has the second bevel.

  6. Kyle says:

    New cqc7 owner here. I recently purchased the plain edge jungle scaled version directly from Emerson. other than some unexpected fit and finish issues that I fixed (I think) on my own the knife is now fine. granted it’s been only two days. regardless I do love it. it just kinda stings a little having paid $212 for it.. I was expecting to get more than what I got.
    it is purdy tho. real purdy.

  7. anthony says:

    I have a jungle cqc7 it’s my favorite knife of all time.

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New From Emerson: Jungle-Green CQC-7

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