New from Kim Breed: The Diablo


The Diablo, new from Kim Breed

Out of 10’s of thousands of knives on the Blade Show floor, it was the Kim Breed Model 15 that was the only one that stopped me in my tracks. I am not sure what caused me to connect with that particular knife so strongly, but it must have been fate. It was my first custom knife purchase, and I gained a friend in Kim to boot.

I say that it was fate because fast forward to last October, when Kim donated a presentation quality Damascus steel Model 15 to the Project Healing Waters banquet. I solicited the donation on PHWFF’s behalf because Kim is a retired USA SOF Master Sgt. and I thought he would appreciate the work that they do. I had no intention of buying the knife at auction, but at the end of the night I had. It was meant to be.

I called up Kim the other day to ask if he would be interested in participating in our “5 from the Grinder” series (he agreed). We chatted for a while when Kim told me about a new model he is adding to his catalog. He is calling it The Diablo.

To loosely quote Kim from our conversation:

“It isn’t really a fighter, it isn’t really a skinner, but something in-between. It has a slightly upswept tip, and I just like how it cuts. It’s just a cool knife”.

I am biased by my fondness for Kim and his knives, but I agree that the Diablo is a cool knife. It looks like it would be nimble and fun to use. It has a “cut-ey” look to it.

Like most of Kim’s non-art knives, the Diablo is made from 80CrV2 carbon steel with g-10 scales. It retails for $250 but if you are Military/LEO/Firefighter you Kim will give you a 10% discount. In a world where makers no one has ever heard of are asking $500 or more for their “custom” knives, the “price to pedigree” of Kim Breed Knives are in a class by themselves.

If you want to buy one of his knives, you can get on Kim’s list by emailing him at


Kim Breed Model 15. My first custom purchase at my first Blade Show in 2014.


  1. cmeat says:

    if the devil’s in the details then the diablo’s is in that upswept tip. a bowel piercer when you want it to be and when you don’t.
    the 15 seems near perfect, paired with something big by the stickpile. i look at it and think “trout.”

    have you cut anything with your artsy15? the first scratch hurts the most. love scars.

  2. sagebrushracer says:

    looking at the diablo, I would swear it has a differential temper line to it…

  3. Double L says:

    That looks like it would make an excellent hunting/fishing,or just general purpose knife.That steel used(80CRV2) is some tough steel.I own a Kellam Ranger M95 that also is made from 80CRV2 and i have been very impressed by it.While some fans may not be aware of this steel,it is actually tougher than 5160,with a higher carbon content,and better edge retention.In my opinion it performs similar to that of 52100,which is an excellent steel.You can’t go wrong with a knife made from this steel.

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New from Kim Breed: The Diablo

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