New from TOPS Knives: Stainless Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft

Just in time for camping season (which begins in the fall and ends the following spring as far as I am concerned), TOPS has released a stainless iteration of their ever popular Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft. The TOPS BOB, as it is also known, will now be available with 154CM steel and a variety of handle options. Full details after the jump…


Over the last few years, the Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft has become one of TOPS’ most recognizable models. It’s a straightforward design that meets the needs of thousands of people throughout the world. That is because of the myriad of uses this knife performs superbly.

The thumb scallops aid in chest lever grips and for skinning. The bow drill divot aids in friction fire creation. Ths Shango notch is designed to throw sparks from a ferro rod. The blade is a workhorse with a classic drop point, a 3/16″ spine and a modified Scandi grind to give excellent cutting capabilities with a stronger edge than full Scandi grinds.

There was only one thing missing… Options! The Fieldcraft was previously available only in 1095 high carbon steel (even though there are multiple finishes and handle options for that version). Now it’s available in a tumble finish 154cm stainless with several different handle options. Whether you prefer high carbon or stainless, there is a BOB knife out there for you.



Knife Type:  Fixed Blade
Overall Length: 10.00″
Blade Length: 4.75″
Cutting Edge: 4.50″
Blade Thickness: 0.190″
Blade Steel: 154CM Stainless
Blade Finish: Tumbled
Handle Material: Canvas Micarta or G10
Knife Weight: 9.6 oz
Sheath Included :Yes
Sheath Materia:l Black Kydex
Sheath Clip: Rotating Spring Steel
Designer: Brothers of Bushcraft


  1. Carlos Perez says:

    Tops makes great quality strong knives. Good article.

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New from TOPS Knives: Stainless Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft

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