New jogging bra conceals a knife or pepper spray

A while back I asked if any of our readers were “Ladies of the Knife”, and it turns out that there are more than a few. Given that we are getting quite a few outside views right now thanks to a link from Instapundit on the KnifeRights Action Alert, it seemed like a good time to run this as there may be a few more female visitors today. The garment in question is called a “Booby Trap Bra” but the name Bosom Buddy could apply as well.

From Louder with Crowder:

This woman was attacked while running. Maybe that’s why feminists don’t run. But rather than letting a bad experience turn her into a victim, this woman came up with a brilliant idea. Bras, man. They help the ladies perk up the bewbs, now they hold weaponry. Seriously, can it get hotter? There have been bras for a while which are actually concealed carry holsters. Those are called “Flash Bang” bras. Yes, really.

This is usually the part of the post where we say “This is why this story matters.” We’re going to do it here, because there is a double-D issue at hand. It’s the beautiful marriage of necessity meeting ingenuity, producing a product women can use. Why? Because weapons for women are the great equalizers. Say you’re not quite ready to pack heat with your ta-tas. Okay, that’s fair. Perhaps your .357 or .45 is too heavy for the bust. Well now you have style/weapon options for your brazier. Maybe a knife and pepper spray for the bra, and an IWB holster for your .45. See? Style options. The well-dressed/armed woman’s best friend.

Until these FemBot bras become commonplace, this bra will have to do.

(h/t my brother for sending me this)


  1. sagebrushracer says:

    internet was out for 3 days! missed lots of stuff, playing catch up. funny gif there at the bottom.

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New jogging bra conceals a knife or pepper spray

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