New Kickstarter campaign: The Porter Key Knife


A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to make these keychain knife/bottle openers.

I admit that I like little keychain gizmos. A while back I reviewed the SOG key knife, and found it to be an adequate secondary or tertiary blade for light tasks. When looking for content this afternoon, I stumbled across this little combination knife/bottle opener on Kickstarter, bearing the name The Everyman Porter Key Knife.

I am not expecting Mora Bushcraft level performance from a blade like this, but the design intrigues me. Instead of having 2 outer scales like my SOG, the blade is offset, and pivots on a single scale. The two pieces are held together with an adjustable Torx bolt pivot and are the same thickness. This allows the Porter’s blade to be significantly thicker than the SOG, since the latter needs to fit between the two thicker scales. The SOG’s pivot is also just a dinky rivet as opposed to the Porter’s Torx.

The Porter is made from 3Cr13 Chinese steel. I would have liked to see 440 or something more reputable. The description says the blade locks, though I can see no mechanism for this. The bottle opener appears to work as advertised.

I wouldn’t mind playing around with one, though I am not sure I am going to go to the trouble of signing up for Kickstarter and pay for it. Maybe the designers will see this and contact me at

There is a well made video on the Porter Key Knife Kickstarter page. I can’t embed it here, but if the Porter intrigues you, it is worth a look. At the time of this writing, they are about $4500 raised towards their $7500 goal. It will eventually retail for $21, though there are early bird discounts still available.


  1. Roger says:

    I support a lot of Kickstarters, but I can’t see donating to this one. As interesting as it is, the creators could afford to move into development and sale of this without using kickstarter. There are literally dozens of knife makers who start out with much less and provide better products. There are much more worthy projects on kickstarter, like this one that I donated to and where the creators didn’t have a marketing giant and all the income from said marketing giant behind them.

    Crowdfunding doesn’t look good if it’s only a way for yuppy kids to make their work more profitable. It’s better when someone who doesn’t have the cash but has an idea worth investing in.

    Maybe I’m just cynical and overly critical.

    1. I am with you 100%. I am sure either one of them could write a $7500 check. Hell, I need to write one for 8 grand next week for a septic overhaul.

      The reason this caught my eye was that the design looks to be fundamentally stronger than the SOG. Given that I liked the SOG for what it is, namely a light duty tertiary blade, I figured it was worthy of mention.

      I also couldn’t bring myself to write about Screech’s bar fight/stabbing trial which was the other thing I found when looking for content

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New Kickstarter campaign: The Porter Key Knife

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