Newly arrived for testing: First Edge 5150 and Helle Mândra


The UPS guy was extra nice to me yesterday.

Getting free knives in the mail is one of the more awesome facets of this job. I won’t lie. Yesterday I was treated to a double-dose of awesome when I received two knives representing both ends of the size-spectrum. The first was a Helle Mândra, the new Les Stroud-designed neck knife. The second isn’t the biggest knife I have ever received for  testing. That honor goes to the First Edge 5050, which happens to be the big brother to this new one – the First Edge 5150 Field Knife.


Love at first knife…

I must say that I was immediately taken by the Helle. It is just a pretty little knife which feels wonderfully light in the hand, yet has a stout enough blade to be in no way a delicate knife. It comes amazingly sharp from the box, which happens to be a very attractive cardboard tube. There is a wiping-cloth included as well. I will have a formal First Impression Review in the near future, but I will state now that this would make an excellent Father’s Day gift.


If you love your Dad you’ll buy him one.

When Rick Shepherd of First Edge discussed sending us the 5150 Field Knife, I told him I would like to pass it along to David since I am already reviewing the 5050. Rick was fine with that provided I did use the 5150 for a day or two so I could provide a good comparison between the two. I obliged him today, taking the knife to the Smoky Mountains, where I put it through as much of a wringer as I could in one day. I cut lunch rolls and tomatoes, I hacked my way through a couple of 4-5″ diameter limbs, and even gutted a small rainbow trout with it.


Two serious slabs of Elmax steel 5050 Survival (top) 5150 Field (below)

I will write more about the day and the experience in the next day or two once I pull together photos. Suffice it to say that the 5150 is a heck of a knife as well, and I am quite certain that David will love testing it.



  1. Jonathan says:

    I bought my dad a bark river featherweight hunter in impala antler for father’s day. He wanted a small skinner, and he likes old school lines. Its a scaled down version of the loveless drop point. The blade is 3.3 inch out of .095 elmax at 60-61 rockwell.

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Newly arrived for testing: First Edge 5150 and Helle Mândra

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