News Digest: 5/22/18

Howdy folks. A bunch of you responded that you were ok with more News Digest posts with fewer links. Thanks for letting me know. I am going to try to oblige. So here we go…


KNIFE RESCUE: Firefighter recalls cutting woman’s entangled hair with his pocketknife

“She crawled past me and that’s when I realized somebody else was in there. And that’s all I could see, was an eyeball. I remember telling Chad, ‘I think there’s somebody dead here.’ He said, ‘Really?’ I’m looking up at him, he says, ‘Really?’ and I saw her blink! I said, ‘Are you alive?’ and she said, ‘Yeah.’ I was stunned,” Morrison said.

“Is there something holding on to you?” Morrison asked the woman.  “She said, ‘Yeah, my hair.’ I took my pocket knife and I cut her hair off. It was all I could do. There was nothing else. I kind of crawled back past her and that was the end of the day. And I remember coming out of the hole and there were a hundred firemen.”


THIS IS ELEGANTLY SIMPLE: Massdrop campaign for the Keen by Ray Laconico .

In pocket knives, as with any product, there can exist a dangerous tendency to go overboard on features and stray toward unnecessary luxury. Yes, an oversized blade a la John Rambo can look cool, and who wouldn’t want a pocket knife with fossilized wooly mammoth tusk inlaid in its handle, but are these things truly necessary?

The answer to that question has the potential to spark an hours-long debate, but neither faction could deny the elegance of Massdrop’s new collaboration pocket knife with bladesmith Ray Laconico. It’s called the Keen, and it’s a 7.9-inch titanium frame-lock folder. Laconico designed the Keen in the minimalist and graceful style that’s present in many of his knives; a lanyard hole and pocket clip are the only non-essential traits. The blade is S35VN stainless steel forged into a spear-point and ground flat into a plain edge. The handle is available in various hues and finishes


ONE BADASS LISTICLE: Top 10 Medieval Weapons (from Scholagladiatoria)



I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO GET INTO BALIS: KnifeInformer’s Best Butterfly Knives


SPEAKING OF BALISONGS: It has been a while since I have shared a knifemaking video

There is a lot of machining involved in making a bali. That explains the price of good ones.


FROM KNIFEDEPOT: 15 Best Knives Under 2 Oz.




That is it for tonight. Have a great tomorrow everyone.




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    An interesting compilation.

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News Digest: 5/22/18

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