News from Texas: Preemption sent to Governor Abbot; “Decriminalization” bill scuttled


Texas Senator John Whitmire pulled a legislative fast-one and scuttled HB3884

On the positive side, HB905, the Texas Knife Preemption Bill has cleared all but the final hurdle. It was sent to Governor Abbot for his signature. It is unlikely that a Governor with a great 2A track record will throw a wrench in the works, but until the ink is dry nothing is official.

There was a bit of a setback though, HB 3884 which would have lifted remaining restrictions on “banned” knives such as Bowies was somewhat inexplicably pulled from the legislative calendar by Senator Whitmire.


Unfortunately, Knife Rights’ Comprehensive Knife Ban Repeal bill, HB 3884, that would have repealed the remaining “illegal knives” in Texas statute failed to be voted on by deadline in the Senate. HB 3884 was passed by the House unanimously and passed out of Chairman Whitmire’s Senate Criminal Justice committee unanimously, and placed on the Local and Uncontested Calendar.

Then Sen. Whitmire, who sponsored HB 3884 for us in the Senate, quietly and inexplicably yanked the bill from the Local and Uncontested Calendar without notice in an apparent last-minute political spat with our primary bill sponsor having nothing to do with our bill. We are extremely disappointed by Chairman Whitmire’s disregard for his constituents in Texas who will continue to deal with Texas’ irrational knife restrictions. We will be back again to get these archaic restrictions repealed in the next session (2 years), in the meantime Texas will remain far less free than their outsized reputation suggests.


  1. Roy says:

    Wait. Bowie knives are illegal in Texas?

    1. sagebrushracer says:

      Yeah, my surprise was that in CA, I can strap a bowie knife on and wander around town, and by state law, its all good. CA has better knife laws then TX, and TX has better gun laws.

      Weird huh?

      1. Roger says:

        Guns draw a lot more political fire. It’s only natural that the hoplophobes fight more stringently against firearms and thus result in more stringent laws than knives.

  2. Wayne says:

    The ban on Bowie knives goes back to the days of Reconstruction when Yankee carpetbaggers in charge of the government wanted to disarm blacks and poor whites who could afford a good Bowie knife but not a gun. There is no definition of what constitutes a Bowie – just whatever the LEO/judge decides is a Bowie. As one judge said – “I know a Bowie when I see one.”

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News from Texas: Preemption sent to Governor Abbot; “Decriminalization” bill scuttled

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