Not April Fools: Strider Knives closing its doors.

25 years! Wait what? Twenty five years of the Mick and Duane show known as Strider Knives. Twenty five years of the He Man Woman Haters Club. Twenty five years of changing an industry. Twenty five years of employing our retired friends and supporting those still in the fight. Strider Knives is written into history We have been hated and loved and hated some more. I've been pondering over this post since January. I've come to the conclusion that it's just not possible to do in a single sitting. There's just too much. I will be writing about this for some time….. So here's the short Duane and I have decided to retire Strider Knives Inc. BLAM! The last "Strider Knives" will be sold at Blade Show 2017, at the end of which we will strike the Strider Knives colors. I will continue to produce select items on a limited basis thru MSC as my "Classic Line". I will also continue warranty service on all Strider Knives products. Your guarantee is still valid. Duane and I made this decision because Strider Knives isn't the same. With he and I doing our own things, and our buddies having moved on to other things, we would rather finish strong then start doing the Indian casino circuit. When we started this there was a giant hole in the knife industry. We filled that hole. There are now plenty of knife makers building actual hard use knives, we have earned a rest. We started this ride with a PALS mentality and never once let off the gas pedal. I'm proud to say it was an epic ride with a hell of a lot of amazing Friends. Thank you all!!! PALS m

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The knife blogosphere blew up yesterday with the announcement that Mick Strider and Duane Dwyer would be shutting down Strider Knives. People found the timing suspect, given that it was the day before April Fools, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

I have made a conscious decision to avoid Strider knives, both personally and in our blog content. This is because there are countless people in the industry whom I hold a great deal of respect for, that have no respect for Mick Strider at all. This is mostly due to allegations of “Stolen Valor” on his part, though there are some legal issues as well.

The latter would not be disqualifying. Plenty of people make mistakes, and if you have served your time you should not be prevented from trying to make a living. But Stolen Valor is something that I can’t stomach, especially if it was used to launch a company under false pretenses. If the allegations were untrue, I can’t imagine someone not working tirelessly to clear their name. While Mick has alluded to them, his public response is basically limited to “they don’t know what they are talking about”.

You can read a fairly well-cited summation of the allegations on this BladForums thread.

I have read plenty of posts of Mick’s fans defending him as well. In the end I am not sure what to think and am deferring to the attitudes of those whose valor is not questioned. It has been easier to simply ignore Strider Knives entirely, as there are plenty of makers with no baggage that I don’t have time to cover either. In the end, this doesn’t amount to a “hill of beans” as they say. There are plenty of people who could care less. His knives have a passionate following and the announcement that he is closing Strider Knives to focus on custom work is only going to boost the knives’ desirability among his fans.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    I’ve run across bits and pieces of or about that story, which have made me wonder.

  2. BigDiccRick says:

    He makes great knives. I could give two shits about his supposed stolen valor past. Never even heard of it in the two years of me buying my 3 Striders. I did my time and it was by far not the highlight of my life. Civ Div has been good to me.

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Not April Fools: Strider Knives closing its doors.

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