Notingham makes bid for 27′ “Knife Angel” statue

Constructed of more than 100,000 confiscated knives from police departments all over Britain, the 27′ tall “Knife Angel” is looking for a permanent home.

A monument to hoplophobic futility, the removal from circulation of these knives has not made a dent in the rate of violent crime in the UK.

From Nottingham Post:

Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is making a bid to bring the 27ft Knife Angel monument to the city after plans to see it displayed in Trafalgar Square may not go ahead.

Paddy Tipping believes that displaying the giant angel – made up of 100,000 seized knives – would send a clear message to those carrying a weapon in the city.

Knife crime has risen by almost a third across Nottinghamshire – with 757 recorded offences involving the weapon in the last year.

Nottinghamshire Police has supported the Knife Angel monument – donating around 1,500 knives to the sculpture.

The monument was commissioned by The British Ironwork Centre, a family run metalwork business based in Oswestry and created by artist Alfie Bradley.

It is believed to cost £500,000, and was privately funded.

I would say that the sculpture is a waste of knives, however most of what gets turned in is junk. I am just shaking my head that this embodiment of the religious fetishization of a simple tool cost a half-million Pounds to construct.


  1. Jason says:

    So a half a million British pounds… what other good things could have been done with that money if it were donated instead? Education? Hire another 10-20 law enforcement officers? Knife crime education/prevention seminars? Put it into a community center to get potentially violent youth off of the streets? All of these things would have done more to curb violence in general, and probably knife violence to a greater degree than this thing.

    Also, despite having taken 100,000 knives off the streets, knife crime still went up 33%? So take 100k knives away, and somehow you get 250+ MORE incidents of crime involving a knife.

    It is also interesting that in the minds of British LEO’s and politicians, there is essentially no legitimate use of a knife outside of perhaps a gourmet kitchen. It doesn’t even occur to them that a knife CAN’T be a weapon at all times. God forbid one needs to cut an apple, or a loose string, open a package or simply cut a sandwich in half for lunch.

  2. Sam L. says:

    The Brit pols have spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time in the noon-day sun.

  3. Wee Liam says:

    Put it to good use to benefit the average bloke? HAW HAW HAW!! Who’s the dreamer here?

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Notingham makes bid for 27′ “Knife Angel” statue

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