NYPD Cops slashed while serving warrant

220px-NYPD-logo-o.svgKnife-crime continues to increase in the hoplophobe’s paradise of New York City. There have been more than 300 attacks this year alone, including a rash of subway slashings. That doesn’t stop the NYPD from arresting people who do nothing more than carry common pocketknives instead of focusing their efforts on those who are actually a threat to people.

The scenarios and attackers’ motives vary greatly, as one would expect in a city that is so populous and diverse. If only there were a tool that citizens could carry with them that would allow them to protect themselves from predators…

This latest incident of note occurred when 2 detectives were investigating possible anti-Semitic harassment at a Harlem apartment and were attacked by the suspect.

From the NewYorkPost:

Detectives from the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force were at 1787 Madison Ave. serving a search warrant about 4 p.m. when Oliver Stewart-Vukicevic, 28, jumped out at them and slashed one of them in the head with a knife, cops said.

Vukicevic resisted arrest while shouting “F— you, Nazi Germans. I’m going to kill that motherf—— cop.”

The cop who was slashed was treated for his injuries and released from Harlem Hospital. The second cop injured his knee while helping to subdue Vukicevic.

The officers were at the building investigating a series of hate crimes in which anti-Semitic letters were found in hallways in the building.

Cops found more than 30 swastikas and hate filled letters in Vukicevic’s bedroom. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation in stable condition.

Vukicevic faces a raft of charges including attempted murder and assault on a police officer.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Ah HA. A raft that will take him UP the river!

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NYPD Cops slashed while serving warrant

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