NYPD officer struck in the head with meat-cleaver; suspect shot


photo via NYDailyNews

It is a common moral statement to say that “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Coming on the heels of last night’s post on the NYPD “stealing” $18k from a man via civil-forfeiture over a bogus “gravity knife” arrest, the adage was worth restating. Just because officers are tasked with enforcing unjust and/or unpopular laws, sometimes with excessive zealotry, the proper response is to vote their political overlords out of office, and work to change said laws. Striking officers with a meat-cleaver is not a proportionate response to having your car booted.

From NYDailyNews:

A madman with a meat cleaver, upset over his car getting booted, was shot by cops in Midtown Thursday after he sliced an off-duty NYPD detective in the head during a chaotic confrontation.

The gunfire erupted about 5 p.m. on 32nd St., a block from Penn Station, after the man went into a blind rage when his illegally parked car was slapped with a wheel lock.

The suspect, identified as 32-year-old Akram Joudeh of Queens, chased a traffic agent up Sixth Ave. with a large butcher knife before the bloody dust-up with cops.

“He ran down the sidewalk past me and I moved to the other side of the truck,” said a stunned Richard Dewald, 56, a registered nurse. “I was standing next to where the cops were standing with their guns.”

“It seemed like there was a confrontation there. I heard 10 to 15 shots,” he added.

Cops were called to the area just before 5 p.m. when several people saw a man with a scruffy beard and wearing sandals running with a meat cleaver in his hand, according to witnesses and initial reports.

“He was running down the street, waving it,” said an MTA worker who asked not to be named. “The cops were chasing him.”

A phalanx of officers, including the off-duty detective, finally surrounded Joudeh on 32nd St. between Broadway and Sixth Ave. and told him to drop the weapon, but he refused.

“Drop it! Drop it!” the cops screamed repeatedly, according to witnesses. Cops used a Taser on the man, but it had no effect, according to a high-ranking police source.

When the detective tried to knock the blade from his hand, he struck the cop in the head with it, leaving him with a deep gash.

Then all hell broke loose, a witness said.

“They shot him up,” the witness said. “He was hit five or six times. He was laid up on the sidewalk. It looked like he was dead.”

Sounds like every bit of a clean-shoot, and the NYPD didn’t even injure any bystanders to my knowledge.

When police are used for revenue generation, it engenders resentment among the masses. That said, there is no justification for attacking officers. Next time try parking legally.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I saw two votes for a meat cleaver, and one for a butcher knife. As those don’t look alike…at least to me.

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NYPD officer struck in the head with meat-cleaver; suspect shot

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