Off Topic Sunday Funny: Carolina Reaper Pepper eating World Record broken…

…by a guy I went to Kenyon with. He actually has a pretty serious pepper-growing operation out in California, and bottles his own hot sauce. He is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame as this goes somewhat viral, and I figured I would get on board and give him a shout out. So, Greg…I think you are insane. I know you have been training for this for a long time, and I can tell by your victory lap on Facebook that you are enjoying the ride. Congrats buddy.

I enjoy food that makes my nose run. I have eaten a handful of habeneros and a few others just slightly beyond on the Scoville Scale. That said, I prefer to stay in the cayenne range as a general rule. I want the kick, but I want it to heighten the sensation of the other flavors. Heat shouldn’t drown out the nuance of the food in my opinion.

Lest this post have nothing knife related whatsoever, here is a clip I uploaded to Instagram this summer of me prepping jalapenos with my Carter Cutlery funayuki.

There are a plethora of funny videos of hot-pepper eating on YouTube, some more successful than others. After diving way too far down that particular rabbit hole, I have found a few that are pretty good and worth sharing.

These guys eat Carolina Reapers on an NYC Central Park carriage ride. It is pretty funny. The guy on the right is actually visiting from Denmark. “Hey look Chili Klaus, I think that is where they filmed You’ve Got Mail”.

This one is a dad filming his daughter. I like it mostly because unlike in many videos I skipped past, she is not being a drama queen. She just suffers like a champ. I also like it because it reminds me of when my own 8-yo daughter ate her first jalapeno this summer. She made many of the same faces at me. She didn’t yak in the sink though.

This last one is really funny, but has some pretty NSFW content.

I hope you enjoyed this little diversion.


  1. cmeat says:

    see if you can locate chili manzana, they have a nice balance of heat and citrus. and try letting the jalapenos ripen to red. they mellow a bit and develop a slight sweetness while some of the green flavor diminishes.
    i grow habaneros/ scotch bonnets for sauce which i distribute locally as gifts. this year i obtained some ghost, reaper and scorp from work peers and neighborhood gardeners. after four attempts to tame it (more vinegar, lime, etc.) it is still too much for most folks.
    i have similar photos of processing this batch using mr. berry’s chef’s knife.

    1. Cool, I will keep my eyes open.

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Off Topic Sunday Funny: Carolina Reaper Pepper eating World Record broken…

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