Open Thread 1/4/18

It is the first time I have written (typed) the year, and I got it right. Small victories. I have had a hard time staying on top of the backlog with the kids home, but here is a bunch of the backlog. Talk amongst yourselves…


NEW FROM WHITE RIVER: Kydex Survival Sheath (via AmmoLand)

Due to popular demand for White River’s incredibly popular Firecraft series survival knives, the company in order to meet the 2017 market deadline sold the knives at a near loss with premium leather sheaths. Now that the Kydex sheath system is finally perfected, it replaces the leather sheath as standard.

The new Kydex sheath is loaded with additional features to both protect the knife and to provide great convenience whether belt worn, tied to a uniform, on Mollie gear or attached to backpacks.

This ambidextrous sheath is designed so that if worn on the waist the sheath may be quickly removed from the belt attachment and used to hold the knife more securely while utilizing the built-in fire bow drill indent for fire making.

The sheath’s many slots and rivet holes allow for an endless variety of attachment options to most anything. The sheath has a ferro rod holder, ferro rod and has a water drain slot at the tip.


TIP UP OR TIP DOWN?: Self-defense expert Michael Janich gives his view to our friends at KnifeNews.

According to Janich, tip-up is usually the best set-up for smaller knives. In the tip-up position, the end of the handle is situated naturally at the back of your palm, where it needs to be to quickly deploy the knife. “What [tip-up] allows you to do with a smaller knife is draw it, open it, and use it without having to use any fine motor skills to adjust your grip,” Janich says.

But, the larger a knife is the more variables come into play. In some cases, carrying big knives tip-up requires you to move your hand forward to open them and get a proper grip. Here, you may be better off with a tip-down carry because it keeps your hand close to the opening mechanism, where it needs to be.

TTAG jefe Robert Farago had a talk with Michael Janich at the 2013 Blade Show.


UK HOPLOPHOPBIA: Met Deputy Chief urges Londoners to pull together to fight knife crime

“We need to find out why some young people think it is acceptable to carry knives, and this is where community organisations and local initiatives, charities, schools and educators, youth workers and families all have an important role to play in changing this mindset,” he added.

“We can all do more to protect young people, and I would urge anybody who has information about those engaged in violent crime to speak to police. Your call could help save a life.”

Is it knives, or is it criminals?


NO KNIFE NEEDED: All that is missing is some rubbing alcohol.



EMBRACE THE POWER OF “AND”: Is it a knife or is it a chisel? 

It’s an “Expert Demolition Wrecking Knife“. Incidentally, it is from a UK website retailer.  I wonder if they will claim it is only a tool?


THIS DIDN’T EVEN MAKE THE NEWS IN THE STATES: Police probe Berlin knife attacker for Islamist motive

Berlin police said Tuesday they were unable to rule out an Islamist background after a “deranged” Syrian knifeman was arrested over an attack in one of the German capital’s underground stations.

Witnesses said the 23-year-old, identified as Ahmad Al-H., attacked several people with a knife “for no apparent reason” at the Bayerischer Platz station in southwestern Berlin on New Year’s Eve, according to a police report.



“It is never acceptable for someone to carry a knife and I want to remind people of the devastating consequences that can result from people choosing to carry them,” he warns.

“If you don’t take it with you it won’t be used.”

More hoplophobic nonsense from our friends in the UK.


FLORIDA WOMAN™: Woman charged with threatening deputy with knife days after charges she stabbed fiancé

A woman was charged with threatening a deputy with a knife Sunday, just days after she was arrested on charges of stabbing her fiancé, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Tracy Jones, 36, of the 400 block of 10th Place, was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication, according to her arrest affidavit.

Some people can’t be trusted with pointy things.

BLADE MAGAZINE PROFILES AUSIE WONDERKIND LEILA HADDAD: Teenage blacksmith Leila Haddad forging modern track with ancient tradition

TTAK readers are already familiar with Leila’s work:


WE NEED COMMON SENSE PIZZA CONTROL: Belfast woman accused of throwing knife and pizza at fellow hostel resident

A Public Prosecution Service lawyer said: “He alleged that the defendant armed herself with a knife and a pizza cutter from the hostel kitchen before confronting him in the car park.”

McCallen threw the knife, hitting him on the lower leg but causing no injury, the court heard.

She also allegedly flung the pizza cutter, but failed to strike him with it.


AN EGYPTIAN MAN KILLED A JAPANESE MAN IN IRELAND: Potential terror links being investigated after fatal knife rampage in Co. Louth

Gardaí (Irish police) are investigating the possibility that a string of attacks in Dundalk, Co Louth, on Wednesday are related to terrorism, the Irish Times reports. 

An 18-year-old Egyptian man was taken into custody on Wednesday morning after fatally stabbing a 24-year-old Japanese man who was living in Dundalk.

Two other young Irish men were injured in the series of attacks in the town close to the Republic of Ireland border with Northern Ireland. The suspect is believed to have traveled to Ireland from the UK in recent days and the Gardaí wish to stress that they are still attempting to establish a motive. He has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

If it walks like a duck…




Have a great evening folks…


  1. Sam L. says:

    UK Hoplophobia: It’s the knives! They keep whispering in your ear. “Stick me in someone, soon, right away, to the hilt! Oh, that was GOOD. Do it again and again and again.” People just can’t resist that siren call.

  2. Pizza cutters are really Sicilian fighting knives! Use an electric model instead.

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Open Thread 1/4/18

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