Open Thread 11/12/17 – UPDATED

2017 TOPS Knives

All of TOPS’ 2017 Releases in one shot.

UPDATED: Scroll down for the original post. Newest links appear towards the top of the page…

CLOSEOUT SALE AT BLADE HQ: Discontinued Spydercos, ZT’s and more.

YOU PROBABLY KNOW THESE ALREADY: Common mistakes ruining your best knives

FLORIDA MAN™ INDIA EDITION: Indian Opera couple critical after being stabbed by fellow performer.

Though the exact reason behind the attack is unclear, it is suspected that the couple was attacked by a co-actor of Parbati Gananatya group Sushant Sahoo over some past dispute.

Sources said, Sushant stabbed Sanjay and his wife early this morning following a heated altercation with them after the show on Saturday night.

“For the last two months, the accused was sending offensive messages to my wife and the matter was resolved amicably. However, yesterday he misbehaved with my wife during the show and attacked us with knife today,” said Sanjay.

THESE THINGS AREN’T AS “STAB RESISTANT” AS THE NAME IMPLIES: UK gang members test a stab resistant vest on each other. SPOILER: Unfortunately in this case the thing worked.


Related: Not in this case.



Original Post:

Good Evening All…

I hope that people have been enjoying the open thread format, it seems to have been a bit more successful view-wise to split it up into a twice weekly thing. I’d appreciate any feedback you wish to pass along.

For those who missed the previous open thread:

The photo at the top is the 2017 “Family Photo” of the year-to-date releases from TOPS Knives. I saw some of these being made when I visited this past June.

Jumping into the latest batch of links:




YET KNOXVILLE BANS CCWs AT OUR COUNTY FAIR: 100 teens terrorize families at amusement park, robbing them and assaulting them with tasers.




Breaking Down a Hind Quarter with Adam Eller

Adam Eller’s 4-Part “Deer Processing Series” has been watched by over 6 million people on Facebook alone. Watch this informative new video on how to break down a hind quarter using Outdoor Edge Knives.

Posted by Wide Open Spaces on Thursday, November 2, 2017


SHARED BEFORE, BUT WORTH REVIEWING: Making a pair of wooden pliers in 10 cuts.

Beautiful Woodworking

Master carver makespilers in just 10 cuts!

Posted by Beautiful Woodworking on Thursday, October 26, 2017




  1. Sam L. says:

    Caption: You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in and it gets shaken all about…

  2. Cadeyrn says:

    Been lurking along but kind of busy lately. Love the video on making a gas forge. Was going to go to John Campbell school for a weekend to make one, but that kind of speeds up the process a bit.

    Not sure whether you already did something like this, but besides the annual Blade show, where do people think they’ve gotten the best training or classes on knifemaking and associated skills?

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Open Thread 11/12/17 – UPDATED

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