Open Thread 11/15/17

London Needs You Alive

British Celebrities join London Mayor Khan in the latest anti-knife campaign in the UK

Howdy folks. I found a ton of material today, most of which seems like it doesn’t rise to the level of a standalone post. On the other hand, it means that tonight’s Open Thread will be especially robust, and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you missed the thread from the last couple of days, you can see it here:

Moving on to tonight’s new links:

SAME DERP, DIFFERENT DAY: London Mayor enlists Rappers and Bloggers in the latest anti-knife campaign in the UK. (pictured above)

“In 2016, knife crime across England and Wales rose by 14%, while the past 12 months have seen a 31% increase. Forty Londoners under 25 have been fatally stabbed on London’s streets since January this year – 16 of them teenagers.

The Guardian has been tracking all of the deaths of children and teenagers killed by knives in Britain in 2017. The Beyond the Blade project aims to record every child or teenager killed by a knife, detailing their lives and deaths.

The mayor’s office says the campaign – London Needs You Alive – aims to influence young Londoners to make an active choice not to carry a knife. “The campaign – backed by a powerful video – highlights how valuable they are to London, to their family and friends and how, by using their talent, and not picking up a knife, they can accomplish great things,” it says in a statement.”

LONDON CALLING: Jewish teenager stabbed 12 times by “gang of youths” in North London park.

Police and the Community Security Trust were called to the incident, which took place around 9.30pm on Tuesday, and left the 16 year-old Year 12 student suffering from wounds to his leg.

The teenager was found in Primrose Hill Road suffering stab wounds to his leg and was rushed to a central London hospital in a serious condition.

The CST said the attack is not believed to be antisemitic.

Police officers said the boy had been on Primrose Hill in north London, near the entrance to Regents Park, with four female friends when they were attacked by four males, who were all said to be white.

Detective Sergeant Steve Masterson said: “The victim in this case sustained a significant injury that continues to be classified as ‘serious’ and will require surgery.

“Not believed to be anti-Semitic”. Of course not. That would be “un-possible”.



YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER ANOTHER LINE OF WORK: Knife-wielding man arrested for 131st time – hiding in a bathtub


39 SHOPPING DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS: 4 Beautiful knives that make great gifts. – From Bon Appetit

OMG,OMG,OMG: Elementary school student admits to having small pocketknife.

“While we do not believe there is any threat to the school community, the school takes this matter very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken,” the statement said. “St. Peter-St. Paul remains a safe and welcoming learning environment for all of our students and school community.”

HE WAS THIRSTY: Man pulls knife to steal single beer.




  1. Sam L. says:

    I see those London knives attacked people on their own. My knives have never attacked me, but then I do treat them well.

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Open Thread 11/15/17

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