Open Thread: 11/21/17

1796 Saber

Good evening. We have been asking folks to please send us links ( that they find interesting for our open thread posts (or for full, featured posts for that matter). Sam D. helps us out frequently on this front. It is he who introduced me to the blog Last Stand on Zombie Island, and this auction of a British Pattern 1796 light cavalry saber comes to us via that site. The link is the auction listing.

From Bonhams:

The blade bright over a third of its length to the point, the forte etched and gilt against a blued ground on one side with a cherub bearing the maker’s details on a banner, a martial trophy, post 1801 royal arms and Union foliage, and on the other a horse amid foliage, a cavalryman firing his pistol, crowned ‘GR’ cypher within a garland, and a design of foliage, regulation steel hilt retaining its buff leather tassel, and wire-bound leather-covered grip (leather with minor damage), in original steel scabbard with two rings for suspension, the throat on one side engraved with maker’s details in an oval (some light rust patination)

Anyone feel like gifting me a cool 4k?

DEFENSIVE CELLPHONE USE UPDATE: Perp caught and charged.

The Lake Forest boy was identified as a person of interest through “investigative leads uncovered late Friday night and Saturday,” police said.

He was taken into custody early Monday after police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in which the boy was reported as the suspect, police said.

The stolen vehicle was recovered, and the boy also had cannabis and unlawful prescription medication in his possession, police said. He was taken to the police station and interviewed, and he admitted to the robbery.

The victim also identified the boy in a photo lineup, police said.

Sounds like a real winner.

AS SEEN ON TV: Testing the Samurai 360 Knife

That thing looks like it sucks. Spend your money on a knife skill class instead.

BUZZKILL: Man threatens woman with a butter knife before OD’ing:

Police said they were sent to a home in the 300 block of South Burnett Road about a man who was allegedly threatening a woman with a knife at about 1 a.m. on Oct. 16. Officers found Long laying on the living room floor unconscious with a knife in his left hand, according to a police report. The woman told police the man had taken four white pills after arriving at the home at about 1 a.m.

MAYBE IT’S TIME TO SWITCH CAREERS: UK Man with 171 convictions jailed for knife possession.

WE NEED COMMON SENSE HAMMER CONTROL: 4 arrested after knife and hammer fight

Police have arrested four men after a group allegedly began attacking each other with weapons in Abbey Wood.

The fight in Sydney Road on Friday at about 4.50pm left a number of weapons scattered across the street.

It was reported one man was armed with a knife, and another with a hammer.

Police and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene and found three men suffering with injuries.

FLORIDA MAN™ and WOMAN: Fight over knives leads to butter-knife stabbing

A fight over who owned the knives in a shared home left a man with a small stab wound in his chest.

According to the 18-year-old female suspect’s Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, she was threatening to move out and was packing up kitchen items.

The victim confronted her and told her that all of the knives were not hers.

At that point, she stabbed him in the chest with a butter knife, leaving a small laceration and some swelling, the report said.

BUZZKILL PART 2: Strung out on Valium and weed, shoplifter pulls out 9 inch knife as he wanders around supermarket

Prosecutor Gareth Warden told the court how the 40-year-old was spotted pushing a trolley in the store – from which he had been banned three times – by plain clothes security staff.

They followed him around as shoved packets of razors into his pocket after ripping off security tags.

He then grabbed milk and drank it as he continued pushing his trolley.

At one stage he knocked over a bottle of wine which smashed on the floor.

The security member then saw him return to the razors where he pulled out a large kitchen knife to slice off the tags.

Police were called and he was arrested. A search of his pockets found a small quantity of cannabis worth £10 along with the knife and the goods.

While it was recognised that the majority of the goods in the trolley and his bag were recovered – totalling £200.56 – the store did lose out on £28.50 worth of damaged goods.


Have a great Tuesday folks. I will update as I find more links.


  1. Sam L. says:

    The saber: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Cellphone: She must have used the back side on him. Wouldna wanna break the screen.
    Samurai 360: An answer in search of a question. I won’t ask the question.
    The last three: News of the Odd, Weird, and Strange.
    (You’re on a ROLL, Clay!)

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Open Thread: 11/21/17

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