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39 point buck

Good Evening Edged Intelligentsia, I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. The links have piled up over the past couple of days as I have been dealing with family/holiday commitments and our Black Friday knife deal thread.  Here is some of what has been going on while we have been recovering from our respective meat-comas.


NOT DIRECTLY KNIVES BUT HOLY CRAP: Missouri man bags 39-point buck. (photo at top)

CANADA EH?: Small knives to be allowed on some Canadian flights (but not to USA):

Why the change? Here’s more from the transportation regulatory agency in Canada:

From visiting friends and family, to getting goods to market, Canadians, tourists and businesses rely on Canada’s safe and secure aviation system. Adjustments to screening procedures are necessary from time to time to reflect changes in the security environment and to harmonize with international standards and partner countries.

If they were only so enlightened in their handgun laws.

SOMEWHAT POINTLESS STATITSTIC OF THE DAY: Sunlight in Florida inversely correlates with stabbing murders

Of course, correlation does not imply causation, but you knew that right?


I love this knife. It is gorgeous and has a great backstory. I want people to ask about it when they look at my collection, so I can tell them how it’s made using hand tools and elementary mechanical devices by a team in Ukraine.

But will I ever carry it around as an everyday carry knife? Likely not. It’s too heavy, impractical for hard use, and is a pain to sharpen.

I’m happy that the project has been funded already and that Shaporenko and his team are able to create his Manual Craft company. I’m looking forward to what other creations they come up with.

If you want a tough EDC folder or even an EDC that conforms to laws in the UK, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. But if you want a knife that’s a work of art with a great backstory, head over to the Kickstarter page.

I think he was overly generous. Especially after his honest appraisal of the rivet (instead of pivot). You can read my thoughts here.

FROM KNIFENEWS: Liong Mah celebrates 15 years in industry with high-tech integral


Thanksgiving celebrations turned ugly Thursday night when a fight broke out between neighbors in an apartment complex in the 100 block of Henry Street.

Stamford Police Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said officers responded to the complex about 11:30 p.m after receiving a report of a fight involving four people.

“When the officers arrived, they observed blood all over (one) apartment and a broken knife handle on the floor,” Shawinsky said. “When the officers then walked over to the adjoining apartment, they saw a knife blade stuck in the door.”

Shawinsky said the officers learned that one of those involved, identified as Arturo A. Garcia, 31, was taken to the hospital by his cousin, Jose M. Aviles-Gil, 23.

At the hospital, Shawinsky said officers learned Garcia had started a fight with his neighbor, Alex Vasquez, 46.

As the two men fought, Vasquez’s wife, Olivia Ramirez, 40, attempted to intervene by “punching and shoving Garcia,” Shawinsky said.

“Garcia got angry because he lost the fight that he started, and went back to his apartment and grabbed a large kitchen knife and thrust it into his neighbor’s front door,” Shawinsky said.

In doing so, Shawinsky said Garcia broke the handle off the knife, causing his hand to slip down the blade, which resulted in a deep laceration.



Police said they got called Thanksgiving afternoon to the Conroy Estate on Pequot Avenue. When they got there they found Williams bleeding from a large slash-type cut on his right hand.

“It was just my brother, I wasn’t going to kill him,” police said Charles Conroy exclaimed.

Police said Williams told them his brother, a real estate broker, was complaining at the dinner table that his life was bad and he had nothing to live for.

The brothers then began punching each other and Conroy grabbed a 12-inch bread knife from the table and began chasing Williams around the kitchen with it, police said.

They said Conroy then slashed Williams in the hand with the knife.


A pair of Staten Island neighbors shanked each other over a car on Thanksgiving, police officials said.

Francisco Glenn, 27, and Mark Archipoli, 23, got into a fight over damage to the younger man’s Hyundai Sonata parked on Jefferson St. near Seaver Ave. in Dongan Hills at about 9:15 p.m. Thursday, according to cops and a witness.

During the brawl, they both pulled out knives and stabbed each other, police said.

Glenn was knifed in the left abdomen and Archipoli, in the upper chest and left hand, according to authorities.

Medics rushed the men to Staten Island University Hospital, where they were in critical condition but expected to survive, according to authorities.




  1. Sam L. says:

    Ah, the Turkey day turkeys! Idjits, the lot of them.

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Open Thread 11/26/17

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