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Greetings and Salutations. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have passed, and the Christmas season has begun in earnest. I have tried to maintain a steady output of posts, but things have piled up. It is time to clear the decks with another Open Thread.

NOT FLORIDA WOMAN™: Indiana Woman stabs sister in cellphone charger dispute:

“According to court documents, McCorkle refused to return a charger belonging to her 18-year-old sister, and during the ensuing dispute, “Samantha recovered a butcher knife from the kitchen, striking (her sister) in the head area with the weapon.”

Police were called to the McCullum Street home about 7:20 a.m. Sunday, and reported finding “a large amount of blood on the floor and walls of the residence.”

The victim was taken by ambulance to Henry County Hospital for treatment of a head wound. Two children under the age of four were in the home at the time of the incident, a report said.

On Wednesday, Judge Kit Crane set McCorkle’s trial for March 12. The domestic battery charge against her is a Level 5 felony carrying up to six years in prison.

I am guessing there were other issues in play…


He's Jason Momoa, he likes beer and throwing tomahawks.

Posted by Jason Momoa – The Man on Sunday, November 13, 2016

But TTAK Readers already knew this:


Via LiveLeak:

Officers responded to a subject screaming and pointing a knife at people. Officers arrived and contacted the man who was in a field armed with several knives. They quickly recognized the man was experiencing a mental health crises and deployed several less lethal options while talking to him. During the dialogue with the man, he urged the officers to shoot him. Today we are releasing a small segment of our interaction between SPD officers and an adult male – Sacramento Police Department

Bravo. Granted, they had the luxury of an open space, lots of backup, and no civilians in immediate danger, but this is better than ventilating someone with obvious mental issues.

WE NEED COMMON SENSE SCREWDRIVER CONTROL: Homeless man charged with assaulting 4 in Hollywood with screwdriver and knife:

 A transient who allegedly stabbed a man and woman and attacked two hotel employees in Hollywood last week was behind bars today on attempted murder and other charges.

Daniel Samuel Jones, 34, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to attempted murder and four felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon — a knife and a screwdriver — stemming from the alleged Nov. 22 attacks, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Jones allegedly stabbed a woman with a screwdriver on the sidewalk near Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, assaulted two employees inside a nearby hotel with a knife and then stabbed a man walking on the sidewalk. He was arrested that evening by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division.

I PREFER DUE PROCESS: Man repeatedly stabbed rumoured child abuser with a kitchen knife, court told

If he is guilty though, I’d like to say it is Karma.

IT IS ALMOST LIKE IT ISN’T ABOUT THE KNIVES: UK Guardian’s view on knife-crime:

Once the whole picture is available, it becomes clear that knife crime is usually associated with poverty and often with poor mental health, failing schools and a lack of economic opportunity. Ethnicity can be a marker of these circumstances, but it is not a cause. As the Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones, who chairs an all-party group at Westminster, argues, the most effective way of tackling the problem is not to treat it as a crime, but to start with its causes. A study as long ago as 2009 by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies found that a crime-and-punishment approach – weapons confiscation schemes, tougher sentencing, metal detectors and zero tolerance – made little difference. Treating it as a health and social policy problem, by contrast, made an impact. Initiatives in London, echoed across Britain, recognise that. Intervening to counsel victims at their most vulnerable, sometimes when they are still in hospital, for example, has already proved effective in Scotland and Wales. So is supporting community work to promote a sense of safety. Early years intervention can reduce children’s exposure to violence and the likelihood that they will grow up to offend.

It is also about unassimilated “Asian” youth, but authorities don’t want to hear that.

SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DEFENSIVE GUN (OR KNIFE) USE:  Hero dad steps in to disarm knife-wielding attacker in Ilford

David Burgess was on his way to work on Monday, November 27 at 8.25am, when he heard women and children scream for help in Ley Street.

The courageous 30-year-old ran across the road and saw a man being stabbed.

“I didn’t know who the victim was at that point, but it didn’t matter,” he said.

“(The attacker) was an intimidating guy with a 5inch blade but I stood in front of him – the only thing I could think about was the children behind me.

“He was slashing the knife about and I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.”

David said he locked eyes with the man for a few seconds, before confronting him verbally but the man “didn’t bat an eyelid”.

“It was really scary but I managed to grab his hand and get the knife from him, and he ran off,” he added

“I heard the man on the floor cry in pain and it hurt me to see him like this – it was only then that I realised I used to go to the same school as him.”

David was humble about his involvement in the incident and said the only reason he commented when contacted by the Recorder was because he wanted fellow residents to know that there are good people in the community who stand up for others.

THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS: Mid-Del student arrested, expelled after knife attack thwarted, police say

Police have arrested a student after thwarting an apparent knife attack at a Mid-Del school.

The student was expelled after police stopped an attack from happening at Jarman Middle School, when the student allegedly brought a hit list to school. Mid-Del Public Schools sent home a letter to parents Tuesday afternoon with details about what happened.

District officials have not said how many names were on the alleged hit list. Mid-Del Public Schools officials, however, said the student who said something is the one who made the difference in this case.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Forging a Viking Bearded-Axe: It’s kinda slow moving, but I liked how you could really see the results of specific hammer blows and techniques.

That’s all for tonight folks. Please submit any links or leads to Thanks.


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Open Thread 11/30/17

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