Open Thread: 11/6/17 (and some Housekeeping questions for you) – Updated

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Update 11/6/17:


“The knife is a tool and a weapon. The deciding factor is intent. The same knife can cut a box open full of toys for your children or grandchildren, or it can cut open the neck of an invader into your home trying to harm those same children or grandchildren.”

Kind if a hippie/new-agey piece, but well written.

Knifemaker Walter Sorrells makes a knife in under 2 hours:

He had issues making one in 3 hours on Forged in Fire, but that is TV. This is still legit.

UHM…I’LL PASS: 6 piece Cuisinart knife set for less than $20. They are still probably better than what 40% of Americans have in their kitchen.

FUNNY TO SEE THIS IN A UK NEWSPAPER: Profile of San Francisco Knifemaker Galen Garretson . I hadn’t heard of him personally, but his knives look great and he lists Bob Kramer as his primary influence, so he has good taste.


UK HOPLOPHOBIA: More than 420 knives turned in in North Wales amnesty.

What a waste of steel.



I had one. Did You?

Welcome to Week 2 of my experiment with a running link-dump of content that I don’t have too much to add by way of commentary. If I don’t have at least a full paragraph of original prose to add myself, I hate to bother you all with a dedicated post. That doesn’t mean that I think that an item isn’t going to be of interest to people.

The format is a riff off of Instapundit. The fact is The Blogfather has figured out a way to efficiently share a great deal of content on an ongoing basis – I would be reinventing a less effective wheel to come up with a dramatically different method for what I am trying to accomplish. That said, I am not turning the whole blog into this, just an ongoing series of posts.

I know it was only the first week, but while last week’s post debuted strong, by Day 3 it was down to a couple of dozen views. I tried pinning it to the homepage in the Featured Links, but this only shows up for people viewing the desktop site. It doesn’t show up on mobile. I have some things I would like to bounce off the web-designer, but for now I am going to change things up a little and simply create a new open thread every couple of days as the previous one scrolls off the front page. The previous one will be be linked in the new one for easy navigation:

Otherwise, I am going to try to keep the format the same for the time being. If you didn’t see last week’s thread, please have a look. I tried to share a wide variety of content from news to videos, knifemaking, kitchen tips, and a bit of humor as well. I would love any feedback you have on style, content, or any ideas how to make this the most effective feature it can be. I am hoping that by having a series of links in one post, it will inspire our comments and discussion. It will help me know what areas and topics are generating the most interest.


OK, on to our first crop of links:


Chris has retired from CRK, but the Legacy lives on.



BAN HAMMERS: Cargiver jailed for caving in 90-year-old patient’s skull





DAVID ALREADY WROTE ABOUT JHO’s VERSION: Metorite Co.’s Fidget Spinner Knife.

Neither is as good as BLADE HQ’s Exacto Spinner.




A Bakersfield native and former NFL linebacker, Anthony McClanahan is considered the primary suspect in connection to the death of his wife.

Summit County Attorney Margaret Olsen said in a release that on Thursday, November 2nd, Keri “KC” McClanahan, 28, was found dead in the early morning hours at the Park Regency condominiums in Park City, Utah.

Officials said the apparent cause of death was several knife wounds to her throat.

Olsen stated Anthony McClanahan was recently arrested on unrelated child kidnapping and being a fugitive from justice.



That’s it for the moment. Please leave any feedback in the Comment Section. I want to make this a valuable part of the TTAK experience and could use your help.

Oh, and let us know if you had one of the 1980’s survival knives. Do  you still?



  1. Sam L. says:

    That cable Damascus is lovely.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    Of course I had one. Didn’t everyone?

    The cable Damascus is cool, but I’m to the point where the videos all look the same to me.

    1. That’s why I save the really good ones with teaching content – Walter Sorrells and Green Beetle for standalone posts.

    2. Snatchums says:

      I have also seen “Damascus” made out of motorcycle chain. I just have to wonder how appropriate the steel is for a knife. Is it just a pretty thing that functions like crap? If that’s the case you can just go throw all of that useless junk into a lake.

      1. Snatchums says:

        Btw whenever I see “Damascus steel” I always immediately assume that it was made of garbage raw materials that would have been better served with simple 1095 or 440C that was heat treated with the same level of attention to detail that went into that pretty (useless) “Damascus”.

        Am I just being an obtuse jerk?

  3. Robert D. says:

    80’s survival knife was mailed COD and I had to pay for part of it in loose change. It had an edge that was about as sharp as a spoon. Traded it to a buddy for something, he probably still has it!

  4. cmeat says:

    this format is pretty easy to digest.
    watch out for ttag crossovers who don’t understand why you can’t just keep to one topic.
    i never owned a “survival knife” but i always thought fishing gear stored in the handle was cool as a kid. and the threaded cap could be a hammer. good idea.

    1. TheStoic says:

      It was cool until the matches caught fire inside the handle at some point and you go to open it and find a charred mess. Then it’s kind of a drag.

      1. cmeat says:

        that reminds me of filling the old aluminum 35mm film cans with ohio blue tip heads and epoxying the lids on. pretty impressive shower of flames.
        i’m glad one never went off in my pocket.

  5. jason smith says:

    I love the cable Damascus. Oh beautiful Damascus, it is tough as nails and will last a lifetime if well taken care of. You have to keep them oiled or they will rust quick. Just use olive oil. If you use your blade out in the field for food prep, this will save you the unpleasant taste of 3 in 1 oil on your lips. Just a tip I have acquired over the years.

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Open Thread: 11/6/17 (and some Housekeeping questions for you) – Updated

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