Open Thread 12/20/17

Only 5 more days until Christmas. How many of you are giving or are expecting steel this year? My kids are both getting their very own Mora Eldrises (Eldri?). But that is about it in the Aalders Household.

With regards to the photo above…“Mad Jack” Churchill would have made an excellent Ranger.

I have a ton of links for you today, so let’s get to it.


FROM KNIFECENTER: 7 last-minute gifts for under $50 (via Knifenews).



Tutorial : How to make a Nunchaku with easy (LOL… Let's smile with me…)

Posted by Anang Syaifuddin on Sunday, December 17, 2017



DEFENSIVE KNIFE USE: Clerk uses knife and chair to fend off golf club wielding robber.


A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS: Blade Runners: Meet the artisans revitalizing the British knife industry



HERO: Israeli Soldier who thwarted Pallywog knife-attack honored.

Perez received the prize by Maj.-Gen. Eyal Zamir, the head of the Southern Command, at Kibbutz Magen, near the Gaza Strip. Serving in the Nahal Brigade’s Battalion 50, Perez never thought he would have to use his weapon.

He fired one only bullet to neutralize a suspicious 22-year-old Palestinian who came upon him wearing a heavy black coat with his hands in his pockets during a very hot day at noon. He informed his commanders and repeatedly called on the man – who was less than 50 meters away – to stop, shouting at him in Arabic in vain.

“He didn’t want to stop, and the moment I cocked my weapon he looked at me and started running toward me with a knife in his hand. I did exactly what I had to. It’s not something I wanted to do, but I was ready to do it,” he said.

The suspect was detained and was evacuated to a nearby hospital for treatment.




This must be the most manly sport ever! Credit: Thomas Wilkinson (

Posted by NTD Life on Sunday, October 22, 2017



UK, NOT FLORIDA: Knife thug who killed his cousin after ‘ridiculous’ lawnmower row jailed

I heard it was a nice lawnmower.


BUT DID THE KNIFE GIVE ITS CONSENT?: Woman, 42, LICKED bloodied knife she used to fatally stab a man, 65, through the heart in a ‘spontaneous act of drunken irrationality’

At one stage Prak picked up a kitchen knife and lunged towards the victim, stabbing him through the heart.

He collapsed and it was then, Mr Edge said, a witness saw her do something ‘fairly bizarre’.

‘It appears she licked the blade of that bloodied knife,’ the prosecutor said.

In his sentencing submissions, Mr Edge said it was clear Prak had an intention to kill, inflicting eight stab wounds on Mr McEvoy.

He described the killing as unprovoked and unjustified.

Justice David Peek will impose a non-parole period in the new year.



LIVE BY THE SWORD…: British Samurai Sword Expert commits seppuku.

A British samurai sword expert killed himself with his own weapon following the ritualistic suicide tradition of ancient Japanese warriors.

Divorcee Alun Jones fell on his samurai sword in an act of ‘hara-kiri’ and bled to death on the floor of his bedroom in Newport, South Wales.

The 51-year-old began collecting the blades after spending many years working in Japan.

I don’t actually want to make light of it. It is really quite sad.




That’s all for now. I will probably put in an update sometime this weekend if this remains on the same homepage.

Be Safe Everyone.


  1. TheStoic says:

    Boker KTK’s for the whole family as stocking stuffers. And an Opinel No 6 for my daughter.

    1. solid picks. Merry Christmas.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Defensive knife usage: That’s a drive-thru convenience store???????
    Lumberjacks: They got balance!

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Open Thread 12/20/17

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