Open Thread 12/8/17

Good evening folks. I don’t have a lot to say, so I am going to jump right into the links. Leading off is Sporting Classics Daily’s Knives of the Year, from South African Maker Arno Bernard.

For our 2018 Sporting Classics Knife of the Year, Arno Bernard Knives of Bethlehem, South Africa, has handcrafted a wonderful two-knife set.

Our African Hunter pairs up a Bohler N690 stainless-steel blade with a handle fashioned from warthog ivory. Measuring just over 7½ inches overall with a hollow-ground, drop-point blade of 3½ inches, this knife will serve equally well for field-dressing game or just to stimulate daydreams of Africa. The stunning crème-to-caramel coloring and subtle striations in the ivory combine to make each knife unique.


OMG GROSS: Man develops rare fungal infection after popping lip-zit with knife

One more reason to never, ever pop your zits with foreign objects — you could develop a blood-crusted, oozy lesion that most accurately resembles a mutilated third lip. At least, that’s what happened to one 23-year-old man when he tried to drain a pimple with his woodworking knife and subsequently developed a rare fungal infection.

There is a picture at the link. You have been warned.

And for crimony’s sake… sterilize your knife if you are going to go digging around in yourself.

BAN ALL THE THINGS!: A MAN has been charged after two armed robberies in the Mackay area last week, one alleged to have involved a screwdriver, the other a knife.


SLIGHTLY IRONIC: Gangster stabbed to death on way to court to answer attempted murder charge

Kumar was on his way to court, where he was facing eight charges including attempted murder, when he was followed and attacked by members of a rival gang.

They chased him down a street and knocked him to the ground in the broad-daylight attack.

Kumar got up and ran into a building to try to escape the men but they followed him inside to finish him off inside before escaping on foot, leaving him dying of his wounds.

He had been on his way to the city’s George Town Court for a warrant hearing in connection with a 2013 case.

Minorly graphic video:

FROM TACTICAL LIFE MAGAZINE: 5 Need to have Holiday Knives…



BUT IT WAS SUCH A NICE FIREPLACE: Hunt for thug who threatened second-hand shop owner with knife after he wouldn’t buy fireplace


ARE YOU TWO WHALES FROM FLORIDA?: Kitchen knife wielded by Welsh drunk in row over six-month-old £10 debt .

The kicker is the person owing the money didn’t even live there anymore. Worth a read. Dude was on a role. Worthy of becoming an honorary Florida Man™

Headline reference explained:


I BELIEVE HIM: Man who claimed wife died after jumping on a knife jailed for 25 years


ON THE 13th DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME: “Schoolgirl finds “Prison Shank” in Celebrity Advent calendar.

It is likely nothing nefarious. When I worked at Hyde Boats, we would frequently tape-wrap a utility blade if we happened to not have something better handy. This one just ended up being inadvertently shipped in the calendar would be my guess.


CHICAGOLAND: Man ‘stabs brother-in-law at least 25 times leaving him partially DISEMBOWELLED in horrific bus attack’


A 19-YEAR-OLD Israeli soldier was stabbed to death by two unidentified assailants at a bus station in the town of Arad in Israel’s Southern District on 30 November, The Times of Israel reported. Reports added that police were investigating the attack as a terrorist attack. No immediate claim of responsibility for the attack was made.

ON A HAPPIER NOTE: Alert Soldier finds knife at checkpoint, likely thwarts attack

During the routine morning shift at the Rachel crossing, staffed by soldiers from the Erez Battalion of the Military Police and other security forces, Yuval saw a woman who passed her bag through the x-ray machine and noticed a knife among her belongings.

“When I saw the knife in the machine, I acted according to procedures and reported it immediately, and the suspect was taken to continued investigation by security forces,” says Greenberg. “When we thwart an attack, this highlights our important role as fighters at crossings.”

The investigation revealed that the suspect was a 40-year-old woman who admitted she intended to carry out a stabbing attack aimed at an IDF soldier or civilian for nationalist reasons.


Banana thief found, knife-wielding suspect in top hat is not

It is the Forest Grove, Ore. Police Blotter

“GREAT” BRITAIN: Teen killers who disembowelled 17-year-old boy in busy street are jailed for life

A return to Draw and Quartering might deter this sort of thing.

THEY ARE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER KNIFE: Recreational Fishermen in Oman attempt to free ensnared Humpback Whale

Julian Husseini and his brother Edmond, both UAE residents based in Dubai, were among a group of men who spotted the whale while on a boat trip in the Sea of Oman some three hours off the coast of Muscat.

“We start approaching it and soon realize that it’s a humpback whale initially thinking it’s dead because of the lack of movement,” Julian said in an Instagram post, where he also shared videos and images of the ordeal that happened last month.

“As we get closer we see that she’s completely entangled from head to tail in a large commercial fishing net, we reach its side and the whale makes a slight movement and sprays her blowhole.”

The whale was covered in cuts and had seemingly been caught in the net for several days, if not weeks, said Julian.

The humpback whale, which may grow up 16 meters long, appeared scared and tired, he said, but would stay still at the surface long enough for the men to cut parts of it free from the netting.

“We spend the next few hours cutting away at the net and managed, with just the two small knives we had, to free her head and body.”

The task was made more difficult – and dangerous – by the whale periodically diving down and resurfacing roughly 30 metres away.

“We kept trying to grab the net but our fingers were getting caught and with the power of the whale diving down it could’ve easily ended up with one of us losing a finger or getting caught in the net,” Julian said.

The crew tried to free the whale completely but did not have the right tools and were unable to cut away the netting that had bunched by the whale’s tail.

They reported the whale to Authorities, but I wouldn’t be too optimistic.

That’s all for tonight. Send any links to Thanks, and have a great Thursday.


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    Musta been a very small or very light fireplace; bricks are heavy!

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Open Thread 12/8/17

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