Open Thread/ Link Dump 4/6/18

It is the end of the week, and I have probably 3 weeks worth of links to get to. Let’s see how many I can share before I am completely wiped out tonight…


THANKS ANGELA!: Knife Violence on the Rise in Germany.

It seems it has gotten so bad that people are actually talking about the problem, instead of blaming it on knives.

While this country is embroiled in a shouting match over gun violence, Germany finds itself in an internal debate about the rise in knife violence. Unlike this country, though, many in Germany seem to be focused on finding the root cause and, hence, the solution. As The Local reports of Germany, “police statistics [show] that refugees and asylum seekers are significantly over-represented in violent crime statistics.”…

…Whatever flaws the country of Germany may have, it at least appears that on this issue they’re willing to have a meaningful debate. By way of contrast, if The Local’s article about the rise of knife violence were written about this country, it’s easy to imagine that the thesis would’ve been: “the prevalence of knives is causing the rise in knife violence.”


Migrants turn Germany’s streets into warzone. Two groups attack each other with machetes in Duisburg

BUMMER: Blacksmith dies in shop-fire

David Phillips died after a Monday night fire at the couple’s home on Center Avenue in Terre Hill.

“I didn’t even hear him,” Tina told ABC27 News. “He was downstairs and I was upstairs.”

A state police fire marshal said Phillips was using a propane-powered forge when it reportedly malfunctioned.

Be careful folks.


FROM SPYDERCOLLECTOR: Samples from Amsterdam Meet and Greet




JOERG SPRAVE IS AT IT AGAIN (until he ends up in YouTube Jail again):


DEAR GOD… Michigan Mom decapitates 7-year old child.

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 36-year-old Hanane Mouhib after Abraham Cardenas was found dead Thursday night in the family’s home in the town of Sweden, about 15 miles west of Rochester in rural New York. She was charged with second-degree murder.

“There’s absolutely no explanation for us,” Sheriff Todd Baxter said at a news conference Friday. “The word ‘evil’ comes to mind.”

According to public records, Mouhib is a licensed nurse practitioner who had worked at a Rochester psychiatric center.

Baxter said the sheriff’s office received three 911 calls from the home in quick succession around 8:20 p.m. Thursday, one of them reporting a suicidal woman with a knife. When deputies arrived, they had to use pepper spray and a stun gun to subdue Mouhib, who refused to drop the knife, Baxter said.

Court papers say Mouhib used the knife to stab the boy in the upper back then cut his neck, severing his head.



Well, I didn’t get as much in as I had hoped. I have a stack more to get to, but I plan on camping out on the couch and watching golf tomorrow. Expect an update mid-afternoon.

Sleep well folks.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Peak Hoplophobia: That ain’t no knife! That’s a SAW; a short, stubby saw.

  2. Larry says:

    When someone asks “who has a knife ?” I get a bit cautious, as half the time they really need a screwdriver or pry tool .

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Open Thread/ Link Dump 4/6/18

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