Opinel to introduce an OTF Automatic

Opinel has been branching out in the past couple of years, most notably with the No. 12 Explore – a polymer handled “Survival” Opinel with built in strap cutter/gut hook, ferro-rod, and emergency whistle.

They are apparently looking to depart even further from their traditional roots, with a new OTF automatic.

And if you actually believe that, check your calendar.

This awesome head-fake is brought to you by Coutellerie-Tourangelle, a French online knife retailer. Well played, but I still think BladeHQ’s effort last year was the best.


My personal April Fools blog best is probably my Tactical Spork shootout.


Have a great Easter Folks. Which reminds me…


  1. HandyDan says:

    I figured it was an April Fools joke when I clicked on the article. My question to people is, what is it about Opinel knives? I’ve handled one, and it just seems like an awkward, cheap, knife. The handle isn’t ergonomic, the blade play was horrible. The rotating lock was the epitome of poor fit andfinish. If you didn’t tell me it was made in France, I would assume China; and not China like Kizer or We, China like some kid banging them out in his garden. I just don’t get the love for them.

    1. Sam L. says:

      You can call it cheap, but for me it’s inexpensive. Admittedly lightly built, it’s not for heavy duty, but it’s sharp, and available in many sizes in both carbon and stainless steel. It doesn’t look scary and feels good in my hands.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I got it from the picture, und vass ZO amussssed!
    And howze come I was the only commenter last April 1?

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Opinel to introduce an OTF Automatic

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