Blade Show 2018: “The Haul” (HCA Edition)

As is my post-Blade Show tradition, I put out a post of my “haul” from the show. This year’s take included 4 knives, some tchotchkes from Wilmont Grinders, and a plethora of morale patches, stickers, and other swag from various knife companies and makers. My big purchase of the year was a funky-little hybrid of […]

One from the Vault: Anthony Bourdain visits Bob Kramer

As you almost certainly know by now, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain killed himself this week in France. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. I can’t claim to have been a huge follower of Bourdain’s, but this video of his visit to knifemaker Bob Kramer’s shop was really quite well done. Video: Anthony Bourdain […]

BLADE Show 2018: Our Videos From The Show Floor

BLADE Show is where knifemakers get to interact directly with their fans and customers, and thanks to the internet and social media that connection can be shared worldwide. Click below to hear from some of the best in the business, and find out my nomination for Best In Show. Just a clue: everyone can afford […]