Nightly Knife Porn: Olympic Spirit Redux

Howdy folks. As promised, I am revisiting the Olympics theme for tonight’s ever less appropriately named “Nightly” Knife Porn feature. I am trying to keep the posts balanced, and have settled in on what I feel is a sustainable pace. Feel free to opine. Our last edition of Olympic Knife Porn elicited quite a few […]

Valentine’s Day Open Thread: 2/14/18

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Edged Intelligentsia. Things kind of piled up as I wrote my BAT Coin review, so I have a ton to pass along today. First, this just seems slightly topical given the date… Question of the Day: “Ladies of the Knife?” Always nice to bring a piece back from the archives. […]

Accessory Review: Covert Products Group BAT Coin

Covert Products Group designs and manufactures unique tactical tools that are well…covert. They describe themselves as “an American company that designs, sells (and sometimes manufactures) low-viz tactical gear for .MIL, undercover LEO, Agencies, EDC-ers, Gray Men and responsible civilians”. We helped publicize the Kickstarter Campaign they launched last November for their Trident EDC tool, and […]