Para-Claw by Outdoor Edge: A surprisingly versatile, wearable backup-blade

Outdoor Edge Para-Claw

Outdoor Edge Para-Claw is a highly-functional backup blade.

Outdoor Edge first garnered my attention with their disposable-blade skinning knives, but at this year’s BLADE Show they gave me an interesting piece of kit to test – the Outdoor Edge Para-Claw. The Para-Claw is a unique micro-knife and sheath combination that form the clip/buckle mechanism for a paracord survival bracelet.

Regular readers of TTAK are aware that a paracord bracelet is a regular part of my EDC gear (they are an easy DIY project), so the Para-Claw intrigued me. I wore it as a backup blade for the second half of my fishing-guide season in the Smoky Mountains this year, and frequently as part of my EDC around town. Having cordage to use to make a shelter or travois is part of my preparedness strategy when I head into the woods. The double-wrapped design is noticeably wider than a bracelet I might make myself, but the trade-off is the Outdoor Edge Para-Claw’s bracelet has about 2.5-3′ more cord than one of mine.

While I have not needed to deploy the Para-Claw in a survival or defensive situation, I have managed to put it through a wide variety of tests which I will post in formal knife review soon. They say the best knife is the one you have when you need it. The Outdoor Para-Claw is an easy to carry and extremely versatile little blade for those times when you need a knife that is literally at your hand.


Outdoor Edge Para-Claw


From Outdoor Edge (via Wide Open Spaces):


One of the biggest challenges in carrying a weapon for personal defense is finding a carry method that works all the time.

The Para-Claw from Outdoor Edge solves this problem in a unique way by allowing safe deployment of a small, but very potent knife from the wrist. Regardless of the situation, the Para-Claw can always be accessed, even if you find yourself grabbed, choked, or in some other disadvantaged position.

The Para-Claw combines a paracord bracelet has a patent-pending buckle design that conceals a compact, extremely sharp stainless steel hawkbill blade.

The buckle locks the blade securely, yet allows it to be drawn quickly and easily. Once drawn, the body of the bracelet forms the knife handle allowing the blade to cut with surprising power for its size.

The Para-Claw was developed by a professional bounty hunter as a handgun retention tool that can be accessed, even in the middle of a violent struggle. While it?s not intended as a primary weapon, the Para-Claw offers advantages that no other knife can, advantages that could very well save your life.

For more info on the Para-Claw, go here.

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Para-Claw by Outdoor Edge: A surprisingly versatile, wearable backup-blade

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