Pre-Black Friday Knife deals and a call for links…

Pre-Black Friday sales

My 2016 Cyber Monday Score

It is that time of year again folks. Once again, we will be posting open threads for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals. We have found some great ones in the past, including my favorite score from last year – my Boker Plus Kalashnikov Auto for only $29 apiece from BladeHQ. I am going to need everyone’s help again this year. Please send any Black Friday knife deals you find online to If you are a custom maker and are reading this, please feel free to let us know if you are running any specials as well.

I did a little poking around, and here are some Pre-Black Friday knife deals I have found so far:


CABELLAS: Knife and Tool Pre-Black Friday page. Deals change daily. Currently the 10-piece SOG throwing knife and ‘hawk kit for $89 ($69 with rebate) (MSRP $189) looks pretty sweet.

SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS has a banner up with some of their Black Friday Deals and Free Gifts, though I am not sure if the prices are valid yet. They do have SOG Twitch IIs on sale for $19.99 at the moment.

CALEB WHITE: Custom maker Caleb White (see his 5 from the Grinder piece here) has a Pre-Black Friday page up.


KNIFECENTER has Black Friday page up, but it is pretty sparse. I am guessing that it will be updated throughout the week. Pretty nice deals on a couple of Boker Plus’s and Cold Steels.

WALMART: I saw a $21 Buck 110 on their Hunting Holiday Specials page

BLADEHQ: has their Holiday Gift Guide up, There are some great deals on CRKT, Kershaw, and others.


Those are all the Pre-Black Friday knife deals I have at the moment. Please send anything you find our way.



  1. jason smith says:

    Knife Armory will be having a heck of a sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
    Big discounts and free shipping. Go check them out !!!

    1. Thanks. I will check it out

  2. HandyDan says:

    BladeOps is having daily deals all week.

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Pre-Black Friday Knife deals and a call for links…

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