Providence College Multicultural Department hosts “Stab a Trumpkin” display. 

A display at the Providence College Board of Multicultural Student Affairs office has drawn criticism because it encouraged people to “Stab a Trumpkin” for stress relief. 

From Campus Reform:

“If you ever feel angry or stressed, feel free to stab Trumpkin,” stated a chalkboard message next to pumpkin with a pair of scissors stabbed into it in the Board’s office.

The “Trumpkin” first attracted the notice of the Providence College Republicans chapter, which complained that the exhibit was unnecessarily hostile toward conservatives.

“As your community leaders and republican representatives, we are deeply distressed at the implications of such a display,” the group said in a post on Facebook. “We personally feel responsible to not only make you aware of the highly disturbing imagery, but also to act as a resource for you if anyone feels threatened.”

The Facebook post also notes that around the same time that the display was in place, the campus was dealing with an incident involving a snapchat showing a student dressed up as Lil Wayne with a caption where the “n- word” was displayed.

“Many emails have been rightfully sent out by administration in response to the offensive Halloween snap-chat, yet absolutely no recognition of this ‘Trumpkin’ incident has been relayed to the student body,” the group pointed out. “It is our opinion that this incident, while obviously not racial in form, embodies many of the same immoral trends and problems that persist on this campus, and the lack of attention given to this incident is discouraging to our pursuit for inclusion and diversity.”

“Diversity” means toe the line or else be prepared to face intimidation or possibly physical violence for the thought-crime of bad-think. 

Why are tolerant people so threatening and violent?”


  1. Sam L. says:

    That’s self-proclaimed “tolerant” people. They…lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Providence College Multicultural Department hosts “Stab a Trumpkin” display. 

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