Public-carry of a potato-peeler lands Scottish man in hot-water.


Granted, my “potato-peeler” is a paring knife, and we know those are a public no-no in the UK. But we are talking about an honest to goodness potato-peeler. No. Really.


A man was arrested in Dunfermline, Scotland, on Saturday for carrying a potato peeler in a public place “without reasonable excuse” and faces up to four years in prison.

The Dunfermline Sheriff Court confirmed to Breitbart London that Scott Walker, 39, of the James Bank Hostel, James Street had appeared Monday, charged under the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995, for carrying “an article which had a blade or which was sharply pointed, namely a potato peeler”.

Sheriff Pino di Emidio ordered that Walker should return to the court on May 16th for sentencing over the crime, for which he could receive up to four years’ imprisonment.

The man was on bail for another unspecified offence at the time of his arrest.

A couple of points. First, I hate the very notion that I have to justify myself to police without cause. It is contrary to the notion that one has a right to be secure in one’s person. A quaint notion, that our rights are natural and inalienable, something we Americans borrowed at least partially from the Magna Carta. Unfortunately, in places like New York City, the practical protection our Constitution affords is a myth when the rubber hits the road.

Secondly, I wonder what Sheriff Pino di Emidio’s family tartan is. He has a fine Scottish name.

Once again, reality renders satire obsolete.



  1. HandyDan says:

    Scotland, also know as the area where a man was recently put on trial for teaching his girlfriend’s dog to do a Nazi salute as a joke. Sometimes I wonder if the UK is a real country or just fictitious.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I get the impression that Queen Liz may be the ONLY sane person on that island…and I don’t think she can hang on much longer.

  3. Todd says:

    “Sheriff Pino di Emidio”

    Huh… Scotland?!?

    To funny.

    Sounds more like it should be the story of a convict getting caught with a shiv here in an Arizona prison.

  4. James says:

    Do you have a news source for this story?

    1. Ronald Pottol says:

      Yeah, most of what I find isn’t what I would call reputable, but this seems to be a real local paper and the original article No idea what the item in question really was, I have peelers you could stab someone with, and ones you couldn’t do more than scrape the skin with.

  5. Bob G. says:

    At this rate, it won’t be long before the British outlaw pens, pencils, hair pins, canes, watches, handkerchiefs, newspapers, coins and belts. All can be used as — or used as part of — weapons. It’s very sad to see what they have come to, and what lies in our future if we allow our rights to be taken away.

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Public-carry of a potato-peeler lands Scottish man in hot-water.

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